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Democrats have a new old Biden problem

Jay Weber Show transcript 3/3/23 7:40am

The democrat elites and their strategists are going to have to acknowledge that Joe Biden’s ‘age’ is a question and a conundrum that’s not going away...if he chooses to run again.

We get a new poll every week that says 7 in 10 Americans say he is too old to be president, and that number isn’t going to change.

The number of democrats who want him to run again is still hanging around 35 to 40 percent. So even 6 in ten democrats don’t want to see a second Biden term. 

This is something the party is going to need to deal with-if the Bidens insist joe is going to be on the ticket.

I do think that- even since Christmas, Joe Biden looks worse. More frail. More lost, more often.

And I’ll remind you that we are still nearly a full two years away from the next election.

A lot can happen in two years-

And anyone who has dealt with aging relatives can tell you that- a lot can happen with an older person’s physical and mental health-over the course of just a few months.

Joe Biden is getting so old that he could be ‘fine and fit’ for an 80-year-old today and be blindsided by something tomorrow.

He’s old enough that he could get sick today and it could touch off a series of events that leads to a precipitous decline that could have him in hospice-or dead-by Memorial Day.

Or- he could simply have a heart attack or a huge stroke and die at any moment. He has had brain aneurysms in the past.

And I’m not going thru this to be grim or be funny. I’m doing it to make a point at how fast conditions could change. Every day, there’s more coverage about the Trump/Biden match up in 24.

Or the DeSantis/Biden match up in 24. And every poll is based on ‘how they do against Biden’.

Biden is so old that he could be dead before November of 24. And no one wants to be honest about it. He is failing fast, it seems.

And yes, if he runs, the democrat leaders are dumb if they don’t form a plan for what happens if Joe Biden decides to run-and then dies before election day.

Do they try to slide in Jill or Kammy in as the nominee? If there’s no challenger and no democrat primary, they can’t ‘go back’ to a second-place finisher. Right?

It would have to be Kammy.

But-would it?

Folks-if Joe Biden dies within the next six months that gives a dozen democrat ‘wannabes’ plenty of time to scramble around and get a primary going. But about this time next year- we are already midway thru the primary window-and so-what then? 

National review has a piece today- illustrating how old Joe Biden really is- and it’s a fun list-but it also raises a serious question: can a man this old and ‘out of his era’ possibly. Possibly. Keep up with culture, technology, innovation, trends, foreign affairs, etc... And do this job competently?

I’ll repeat myself: can a man this old and this ‘outside of his era’ possibly do the job that Joe Biden currently holds, competently?

Not a chance.   No.

And if can’t do it competently-everyone suffers. As we have, under joe Biden. Runaway inflation and a struggling economy. Cut punches to American prosperity. 

Open borders that are fueling five different major crises. Bad decisions like ‘an old man boasting his way’ into getting us into a 3rd world war.

This has been a disaster-with a Joe Biden that was 78 to 80....what does 85 or 86 look like? ...with Biden at the helm?

This is deadly serious and very important stuff. And instead, most of the country’s media is refusing to ask questions and pretending as if Biden’s age doesn’t matter. That his mumbling and stumbling and lying and confabulations.... don’t matter. Or aren’t indicative of anything.

Yes. They are.

photo credit: Getty Images

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