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Janet Protasiewitz is a significant part of Milwaukee's crime problems

Jay Weber Show transcript 2-28-23 6:10am

The State Supreme Court race here in Wisconsin is now getting national coverage- in both the liberal and conservative media outlets. 

And sadly, the one thing that the columnists and journalists on both sides of the aisle seem to agree on-is that Dan Kelly is a big underdog-and that the Wisconsin republican party and conservative movement has forgotten how to win statewide elections.

I don’t agree with that-so much as i agree that the best move the Wisconsin democrat party has made in the modern era-was to get rid of

Little-man Tate and Graeme Zelensky as the big ‘thinkers’ and ‘organizers’ of their party and hire a big-name national talent like Ben Wickler to take over operations.

There is no doubt that his much more vast ‘big picture’ thinking, strategizing, and organizing has made a huge difference in Wisconsin. In recent elections, state democrats have been able to maximize democrat voter turnout to an amazing and unexpected degree in Dane and Milwaukee counties, as well as the fox valley, while the Wisconsin GOP has largely stood in place, and not reacted. 

I do think Daniel Kelly and conservatives can win this April race against the activist horde and Janet Protasiewitz on the left-but it is going to take a lot of money, a lot of organizing and tireless door knocking and data-banking-

And it’s going to take a great-focused-campaign by Daniel Kelly and his team.

We know that the left and the Protosawitz campaign are going to try to make this race ‘all about’ abortion...

And the Kelly campaign’s counter-jab to that needs to be two pronged: first- hit Protasiewitz as a pathetic Milwaukee County judge who is so soft on crime that she shouldn’t even be on the bench. Make it clear that-in her current role-she has been coddling even hardened criminals and making the community more dangerous for law abiding citizens who are fed up with the crime-

And prong two: hammer home to voters how a Protasiewitz win virtually guarantees all sorts of very popular reforms that they have supported over the last ten years will get stripped away.

Conservatives and Dan Kelly campaign need to make it clear to voters. Yes, we understand the abortion issue is important, but any change in the law is going to have to come from the legislature.

And meanwhile, if you put this woman-who has admitted openly that she’s a left wing activist-onto our Supreme Court.

Act ten gets overturned. The court will rig the redistricting maps. And Protasiewitz and the other left-wing activists on the court will-literally-make the legislative and governing process in Wisconsin-moot.

This will be setting up a court that no longer adheres to the letter of the law and no longer honors the state and US constitutions.  It will, instead, be a court that will act as a mercenary for the left wing. It’s a court that will do the democrats and left -wing activists bidding on every single case that comes before it.

And remember- if these leftists are in the majority, they will decide which cases ‘get heard’, correct?

It’s bad enough that they’d be destroying any law or rule that the democrats and the far left didn’t like, in Wisconsin, but if the court only picks the cases that it wants to hear- don’t expect them to-ever- take up a case that doesn’t have some political upside for them.

Yeah-they’ll take up cases that will allow them to repeal act ten and rig the election maps for democrats...but they’ll pass on any cases that might force them to validate voter id laws, or illegal voting schemes, or tougher criminal sentencing-

Anything that might lead to the court’s liberals having to-admit to- or validate- a conservative position will be avoided at all costs.

But the best chance for Dan Kelly and conservatives to beat-back this activist horde that is already lining up to spend tens of millions of dollars over just six weeks-in order to smear him and elevate Protasiewitz onto the court-is to focus on her horrible ‘pro-crime, pro-criminal’ record as a judge.

And to illustrate what the stakes are for Wisconsin voters: if you put her on the court, you lose act ten, fair elections, any chance to crack down on crime...and all sorts of other things: name a new law or an important reform of the walker era-and you are in danger of losing it-if Protasiewitz wins: concealed carry? Maybe.

Castle law? It’s very likely to be repealed after the leftists find a case to challenge it.

Name a reform. It’s in danger. Including voter id, by the way.  If you don’t think the democrat activists who are always looking for new ways to cheat and rig elections aren’t going to find ten different reasons to challenge voter id in court-the minute Protasiewitz wins- you’re nuts.

The stakes here could not be higher. And all the left and the putrid Protasiewitz campaign will want to focus on is abortion.

Any legitimate change to Wisconsin’s abortion laws need to come thru the legislature, so putting Daniel Kelly on the court-does not- endanger or change access to abortions in Wisconsin. 

But the converse-is-true: if you put Protasiewitz on the court, she has already vowed to go rogue and strike down the current abortion laws in our state ...based on her deep need to be an activist ‘for women’ she puts it.

We won’t have a rogue court that doesn’t follow the law and the constitution if Daniel Kelly is elected. But we-absolutely will-if Protasiewitz is. She’s already guaranteeing it- to the liberal groups she’s speaking to.

Kelly’s campaign and the GOP need to make it clear: Janet Protasiewitz is doing enough damage to the community, and Wisconsin, being in her current position as Milwaukee County judge.

Wisconsin Right Now, Dan O’Donnell, Dan Bice have already detailed numerous cases in which judge Protosawitz let thugs and child molesters go free with not a single day of prison time.

And that list even includes a murderer: a mother who so severely abused and starved her son that he died weighting just 42 pounds at the age of sixteen. Even that torturous death wasn’t horrific enough to move judge Protosawitz to hand down a harsh sentence.

Instead-she let the mother go with no jail time- on a promise to ‘be good, now.’


You may have seen the latest case being highlighted-in which Protasiewitz sentenced a rapist to just 14 months in prison-and in doing so- admitted that she knew it was a light sentence...

But...’this is what Janet does.

In fact, in this case, after hearing the details of this 23 year old man raped his 14 year old cousin- Judge Janet-ludicrously declared that he ..quote...wasn’t a danger to the public.


No one this ridiculously soft and dumb should be a judge...much less a Supreme Court Justice.

Folks, this rape case is so outrageous that it is being detailed in the u-k daily mail this week! Protasiewitz's outrageously bad sentence-has made national news.

So, let’s stop there to acknowledge that- yet again- John Chisholm and the Milwaukee County DA’s office had already handed the rapist a massive break. It is what they do-on every case-

So let’s highlight this one: the appropriate charges included a more serious sexual assault charge that had a max of 40 years-and- an incest charge that carried another maximum sentence of 12 years-

And so Jovian Reese was-actually-facing 52 years in prison and Chisholm’s pathetic team slashed that down to ten years-max- presenting a plea deal that was already a huge gift-

And then judge Janet Protasiewitz didn’t even pretend to see ‘justice served’ here. He gave a 23 year old rapist-a pathetically soft 14 month sentence-and even admitted she was going way too easy on him, as she handed it out.

But this woman thinks she should sit on our State Supreme Court because she’s so ‘fair’ and ‘smart’ and ‘tough’.  Do you agree?

And for the record-the sentence for this rapist came after the rape victim detailed in court how the rape caused her to have several mental breakdowns and school and at work...and how it screwed up her relationship with her boyfriend and how the rape has screwed her up for life.

Judge Janet could sit thru the airing of all of that tearful, gut wrenching testimony-and still- still- decide that ‘no justice would be served here’...I’ll give a 23 year old rapist a slap on the wrist.

And if you look at Protasiewitz’s other sentences-you know that she only gave this Javion Reese 14 months because she kind of....felt...kind she had to give him something?

We’ve detailed Protasiewitz’s ‘go to’ move-on most of her cases: sentence the thug, rapist, or mom murderer to ‘time served’ and probation and then slap on a fake sentence that they will never actually have to serve...called a ‘stayed sentence’.

Protasiewitz’s pathetically transparent move is to -pretend-to issue an actual prison sentence-but then ‘stay it’, meaning the convicted criminal will never have to serve it.

And hey-when you are handing out ‘pretend’ prison sentences, you can make them sound as harsh as you want, correct?

On one instance that’s been detailed- a child molester who came in front of her was given a five-year prison sentence-but- you don’t have to serve it unless you break probation or get into trouble again.

Well-he did. And never served the five years. Because a stayed sentence is a fake sentence that our justice system never-actually- imposes, anymore.

The mom who started her own child to death, I believe. Got an eight year-fake-prison sentence. She’ll never serve a day of it, even if she starves another kid to death.

Janet Protasiewitz is- everything that is wrong-with the Milwaukee County Court system-and she is a significant contributor to Milwaukee’s terrible crime problem.

And now she wants you to elevate her to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Why? Would you be? THAT STUPID?

photo credit: Fox 6 News

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