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M&M put their candies squarely into the culture wars

Jay Weber Show transcript 1-24-23 7:10am

So, M&M/Mars is temporarily shelving the spokes candies.

I’m sure you’ve heard about this by now: the execs put out a public letter that essentially blamed conservatives and fox news for spoiling their fun and politicizing the little cartoon m-and-m's that they have been using to sell their candy.

But here’s the thing: it was the company execs who decided to ‘go woke’ and politicize their marketing campaigns.

And I haven’t been following this as closely as some of the Fox news hosts have-so I’m not sure if it was the activist left who-bullied? –

M-and-m/mars into re-imagining some of these candies as ‘liberated women and transgenders’ or whether the company execs just decided to do it on their own-

I assume it started with some level of woke bullying that then had left-wing executives playing along-

But either way-it was m-and-m that took their spokes candies and made them political: all conservative groups and fox hosts did- was push back.  

This is another perfect instance of the democrats and the activist left wanting to accuse conservatives of engaging in ‘the culture wars’, when it’s really just the opposite: it’s the bullying, activist, always-pushy- left that wants to engage in the culture wars....and then get upset when we conservatives push back.

That’s what’s really going on here.

And this silly m-and-m story is a perfect example.


M-and-m/mars decided to ‘go woke’ with their marketing a few years ago...and either it has backfired on them in a significant way-


Or-they are doubling down on it by moving to some ‘second phase’ woke marketing.

Industry insiders aren’t quite sure-because this move yesterday comes just a few weeks after this same company announced new, special, ‘woke’ packaging.

The purple m-and-m was marketed as a female m-and-m that represented body positivity and self-acceptance.

And you know what’s coming next-and I’m not even kidding: get ready for the ‘trans-m-and-a’. That might look like a typical candy on the outside but has some unexpected filling on the inside. 

It’s this step-toward- more politically based marketing just a few weeks ago that has me thinking that this announcement yesterday -is not- because their profits are taking a hit.

I think they are just setting up a series of different, woke advertising.

Maya Rudolph is another famous liberal from the SNL cast...who has expressed all sorts of support for Kamala Harris and raised money for democrats.

So-she’s not ‘politically neutral’...and what they are teasing here does not sound like a politically neutral ad campaign coming, to me.

None-the-less, conservatives were taking a victory lap on social media yesterday-as liberals were slamming m-and-m/mars for capitulating to conservative bullies.

I have no idea why company leaders or corporate boards would want to infuriate their own customer base this way-but m-and-m execs are in the ‘thick of it’ now.

Now both sides of the aisle are alternately PO’ed or doing victory laps-and either way, you’re probably losing customers.

These spokes candies have been around since 1954 and were some of the most identifiable and beloved marketing vehicles of all time.

Why mars execs decided they needed to tamper with that nostalgia last year is beyond reason.

The left’s plan is to find outrage-everywhere-and in everything-and so yes, that last tweeter is doing it right.

This is a Marxist plan to destroy America from within...and the racial division and class envy is a huge part of it, and so, nothing is too ridiculous to use as a vehicle to racially agitate.

We have recently seen ‘field’ be banned as a racially triggering word...and seen new attempts to escalate the pronoun wars.

Yesterday- the story was that the left is now coming after Aretha franklin and her song ‘natural woman’.

No kidding. Its’ not parody.

An activist group in Norway is calling for it to be removed from both apple music and Spotify after they deemed its lyrics offensive.

The trans cultural mindfulness alliance took to twitter last week to condemn it, saying that it has ignited harm against transgender women.

It perpetuates multiple harmful anti-trans stereotypes,” the organization tweeted. “There is no such thing as a ‘natural’ woman.”

The lyrics do no such thing, of course, and yes-there is such a thing as a natural woman, even if these little left-wing bullies don’t like it-

I’ll be extremely disappointed in apple or Spotify if they cave to this-

And I doubt they do-because it will open a massive new war on songs and song lyrics if they cave...

But....with today’s gutless corporate America, they might.

And it’s all a fool’s errand: every time one of these major corporation’s cave to the extremist left- they are engaging in a fool’s errand.

First- none of these bullies are-really-offended by what they are whining over. It’s all an act to agitate and divide and get their way...

And’s all part of a much larger campaign to destroy-not just America-but also capitalism.

Do these corporate CEOs and board members ever stop to think about who they are caving to?

And what comes next?

These Marxist groups pushing all of this stuff are funded by George Soros and other anti-capitalist entities whose mission it is to kill off capitalism in favor of a utopian future in which everyone shares equally...and these companies are either owned and run by the government, or areso heavily regulated that private ownership is ’shared’ and the corporate structure is destroyed.

Is that what these CEOs and corporate elites see coming? Do they know what they are participating in?

No. Because they are clueless, gullible people who think they are ‘helping’ win some sort of cultural war on ‘inclusion’ by having the green m-and-m tennis shoes instead of high heels.

And inventing a new spokes candy whose a slut or whatever ‘purple’ is about....

Is that purple’s bag?

She’s sleeping around with any Twix bar or Milky way she comes across? 

I’m not sure I'm right on that-but i am on the rest of this.

photo credit: Getty Images

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