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As promised, McCarthy removed Ilhan Omar, Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff

Jay Weber Show transcript 1-11-23 6:10am

I’ve been talking about the moves that this new republican house majority-can make- and the moves that it doesn’t have the power to make, given that democrats still control the senate and white house....

And what Kevin McCarthy and these republicans-can do- if they stick together is significant, even if they don’t have the power to .... really erase the 87-thousand new IRS agents, or close the border, or do some of the other things that Kevin McCarthy has been promising and-in my opinion- messaging to the point that it creates further confusion.

This house majority-can- block all future movement on the radical, anti-American Biden and Bernie socialist agenda. That’s huge.

They-can block-any future multi-trillion-dollar packages on socialist expansions of government and climate change bullying that the democrats-would have continued to shove thru-if they had held the house majorities in fall.

These republicans-can-try to rein in spending and wrangle some conservative victories in upcoming spending and budget package.

They-can-stand against the putrid omnibus spending scheme that Pelosi and Schumer and McConnell have been using to fund our federal government with no real ability for voter input or serious oversight.

And these republicans in the house-can- launch and complete the series of very serious investigations that they have promised- into Biden family corruption...into how the dems and the deep state have weaponized the FBI and other govt agencies against the American they colluded with the big tech companies to censor and mislead the American Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan went sideways and cost hundreds of lives.... etc.

These are all the things that McCarthy and the republicans-can do-now that they are back in control of the house.

They also now can retaliate against Nancy Pelosi and democrats who-when they were in charge- went out of their way to be vindictive and nasty to the republicans in the minority – and yes- I see it as an important thing for McCarthy and these republicans to treat the democrats as shabbily and nastily as Pelosi treated them.

Yes. Because this is the only way that these democrats are going to learn that their nastiness, vindictiveness, and unethical behaviors have consequences. Can be similarly used against them.

For decades, I and other conservatives in this audience have watched the democrats, liberals, and leftists gain the upper hand in this country because republican and conservative leadership refused to fight back: it was always the republican party’s members who were expected to model...citizenship, good behavior, comity and democrats destroyed it.

It was always the republican members who were expected to ‘restore order’ and ‘get back to following the rules as established’ .... after democrat leaders ignored the rules, the ethics, and the expected ‘fair play’ of these chambers.

Right thru the Obama era- john Boehner and Mitch McConnell and the GOP were expected to be the wusses who would fold back to the ‘meek norm’ when the republicans retook power after years of democrat majorities running raging jihads to get what they wanted.

And the guy who stopped that- is Trump.

We, the republican and conservative voters finally stopped that pattern- when we elected trump.

Trump was the guy who-finally-showed these milk toast republicans in dc how to fight back.Use the dem’s own slimy techniques against them. Call out every one of their hypocrisies and double standards...etc.

I guarantee you that if it hadn’t had been for Trump...mitch McConnell never would have put such a premium on stacking the supreme court and lower courts with conservative justices a way to make Harry Reid pay for cheating the rules during the Obama era.

Before trump-it was just expected that democrats would ignore the rules and break the system and do what they wanted...and when republicans got back into office. They would revert to the earlier norms. The higher standards. Start following the rules.

This went on for decades as we conservatives lost major ground on both policy losses...and losses in the culture wars.

It was Donald Trump who reinvigorated this era of republicans and conservatives and taught them how to punch back.

And so, i love yesterday’s move by Kevin McCarthy to keep his promise-and remove several democrats from important committee positions as payback for when Pelosi did it.

And there was never any question that McCarthy would do this: he’s been vowing to do so, forever. But an earlier GOP speaker? A Paul Ryan or a John Boehner? Never would have done this. They simply would have put up with the insult and gone out of his way to-not- ensure there were consequences once the GOP had control back.

Yesterday’s big story was that McCarthy and the GOP majority-as promised-removed Ilhan Omar, Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff from their influential committee memberships...because they had all done scummy things. Had all engaged in offensive actions that should have been punished by Pelosi-but weren’t.

This is even though Pelosi broke a long-standing historical precedent and reached across the aisle to ‘punish’ or remove a few republican lawmakers who did inappropriate things.

Somehow-in virtually all the different stories that i read about this yesterday- none of them ever mentioned that Pelosi did this first: that yet again-it was the democrats who changed the rules and stooped to new lows-and broke historical precedent to ‘punish’ a sitting member of the other party.

If you remember-Pelosi started this when she kicked Marjorie Taylor Green and Paul Gosar out of their committee assignments. And in doing so...broke a ‘forever’ rule that said each side of the aisle was responsible for its own people.

And Pelosi did this-despite the fact that-when her own democrat members did something objectionable or violated the rules-she refused to remove or punish any of them.

For heaven’s sake- Eric Swalwell hired-and then slept with-a Chinese spy!  

He did this while was a member of the house intelligence committee!

In any other era- he would have been immediately stripped of the position and investigated thoroughly to see what sort of national secrets he was duped into telling her.

Instead- Nancy Pelosi -literally-acted like it never happened. She ignored all calls to investigate Swalwell and take his security clearances away and let him continue the committee as if nothing had happened.

As if he-hadn’t let in a Chinese spy-for years!


Ilhan Omar has engaged in several antisemitic verbal attacks and verbal scandals.... which Pelosi has ignored.

And Adam Schiff used his position on the intelligence committee to lie repeatedly and launch three bogus investigations and two bogus impeachments against president trump. Schiff completely abused his position and should be in prison...for as much damage as he did-

And of course- Nancy Pelosi loved all of that. She supported all the smears and lies-and loves Adam Schiff for it.

And so- now that the GOP is back in charge- McCarthy followed thru on the promise: these three ‘standout scumbags’ on the democrat side of the aisle- will be blocked from having-any power-in Washington DC, as long as McCarthy is speaker.


Omar is off foreign affairs-because she’s a raging anti-Semite-

And Swalwell and Schiff are off the intelligence committee.  

‘Manbo’ Eric Swalwell-who was duped by a Chinese spy:

All three are trying to ‘punch back’ but sound like idiots, in doing so.

Ilhan Omar leapt right to the race card:

Pelosi and the democrats -for the first time-put an open anti-Semite on the foreign affairs committee so she could ‘be the voice of the people’ on that committee?

That’s a desperate spin.

And yesterday-Kevin McCarthy told reporters: hey, this is the type of congress that Nancy Pelosi wanted to have. It’s not like this is anything new.

Yep.   Tit for tat. When democrats think they can get away with ignoring the rules-when they get the advantage-GOP leaders need to prove to them otherwise.

photo credit: Getty Images

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