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Chicago Dems order Cops not to chase criminals

Jay Weber Show transcript 6-22-22 6:10am

Just when you think leftist policing tactics can’t get any more backward or ridiculous- we get a new one.

You know how Tom Barrett and chief Flynn were on the vanguard of the ‘no chase’ policy that has proliferated across the country?

This idiotic rule that says police can’t chance suspects when they speed away because the chase might be a danger to the public.

Well- Chicago’s police chief just implemented a rule like that-for foot chases.

I’ll say it again: Chicago police officers are now under a new ‘no foot chases’ policy.


And unlike the misguided ‘no car chases’ policies, which were at least intended to protect the public, this ‘no foot chase policy’ only protects the perpetrators.


Because- some of these foot chases can end in the fatal shootings of the suspects. About a year ago, Chicago cops killed both a 13-year-old and a 22-year-old who were running.

They weren’t dubbed ‘bad shoots. The cops had weapons pointed back at them in both instances...and so...the handwringing over this is- literally- ‘bad guys who tried to kill cops got shot, and we can’t have that?’ is that the worry? 

This might sound reasonable to some people, but it will actually lead to even less law enforcement occurring, and even fewer bad guys taken off the street.

Good policing. Broken windows policing. The sort of policing that dramatically reduced crime in the late 90s and early the sort of policing that ‘investigates the small stuff’.

Any patrol cop is going to tell you that -quite often-it is the small traffic stops or lesser violations that have them discovering ‘bigger crimes’.... like the body in the trunk, the cocaine in the car, the rolling drug house...etc.

Rudy Giuliani’s ‘stop and frisk’ policy was-very-successful in bringing down gun crime and thugs carrying crime guns in New York...and much of it was predicated on stopping and interviewing and maybe even frisking those people who were caught violating lesser laws.

This is another-counterproductive- policy. Anyone who, while running away from cops, pulls a gun and tries to murder them, deserves to be shot dead in the street, if that’s the outcome.

And that might sound harsh, but it shouldn’t. It only sounds harsh to some...because the activist left and the leftist mayors and chiefs in our crime-ridden big cities have lost sight of what ‘justice’, ‘crime’ and ‘punishment’ are.

At some point, their urban areas became so dysfunctional that the elected officials started to associate and empathize more with the thugs and the dysfunctional families who raised them, instead of empathizing and supporting the police.

And that’s going to have to stop if we ever intend to reclaim these cities for the ‘law abiding’.

We-cannot-have leaders who feel as if the ‘deck’ needs to be stacked in favor of the criminal or the thug. And yet, that’s what we’ve got doing in every major city run by democrats across this country, including here in the city of Milwaukee.

There’s a story at ‘Wisconsin right now’ this week about how John Chisholm’s office refused to charge a man who admitted to shooting off a handgun several times in the street. He admitted to cops that he shot it in the air three or four times.

The cops confiscated-two-illegal guns from him- after they responded to reports of ‘shots fired’.

He admitted guilt.

And recently, the guy petitioned the city to get his guns back because Chisholm’s office decided not to charge him with anything.

And unfortunately for him-his petition landed in front of the -one- Milwaukee County judge who doesn’t side with the thug, over the law-abiding public.

Judge David Borowski was flabbergasted that Chisholm’s office was going to give this guy a pass.

According to the report, he refused to return the guns-despite Chisholm’s office okaying the move.

This is how the city of Milwaukee handles crime now: the entire justice system is tipped dramatically in favor of the thug. And this is the way it is in every major city.

Most crimes go uncharged-especially the smaller ones- and those violators who are charged are most often facing the weakest possible charges that Chisholm and these other ‘Soros DA’s can dream up.

How is this justice?

And how does it benefit the ‘law abiding”?

How does this new ‘no foot chase’ policy in Chicago benefit the law-abiding citizen who wants that city’s crime problem cleaned up?

It doesn’t.

It only benefits the punk gang banger and the petty thug.

And yeah, this policy goes back to Ferguson.

The soft on crime leftists in Chicago aren’t even going back to ‘George Floyd’ on this one, they are going back to Ferguson, and the fallout from the ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ lie.

How many of those shootings were ‘bad shoots?

How many of those punks and thugs were ‘innocents’ who were running from the cops?

The story and the leftist news reporters never want to address that question in their stories, because the facts show that every one of those police shootings was justified.

In the case of foot chases, the cops only shoot when they have first been shot at, themselves, or see the suspect brandishing a weapon at them.

And if you’re going to run away from a cop and then try to pull a gun out of your pants and shoot at them as you do so-

Hey-whatever fate befalls you-is on you. And the rest of us in the law-abiding community aren’t going to be crying over your grave. 

We have-got to- re-establish the idea of ‘right and wrong’ in this country. Of ‘acceptable behavior and unacceptable behavior’.

And we must re-establish the basic rights and responsibilities of the citizenry when it comes to law and order...

And that includes making it clear how citizens should act when confronted by law enforcement...right up to how prosecutors and judges should act- when they are doing their jobs.

We cannot have 60 percent of Milwaukee’s felonies going uncharged every year. It’s pure insanity. And it is what has led to a lawless city under John Chisolm.

And just as these simple truths seem to be dawning on most Americans...and most socialist progressive candidates are starting to hide their ‘f-the-police’ stances of the recent past...

We’ve still got a few candidates running on ‘defund the police’ and ‘pro-criminal’ platforms.

And amazingly-Stacey Abrams- Georgia’s greasy faced, gap-toothed supermodel- is one of them.

She’s running for the governor of Georgia again and is said to be ‘leaning into’ a pro-thug agenda.

First of all-she’d better be careful leaning on anything, at her size

And second...does she really think Georgians? Georgians? Who are conservative and law abiding as a group and across -all- races down there?  

Does she really think Georgians want more gun laws and fewer prosecutions?

Which approach do you think 70 to 80 percent of Americans want to see? And polls prove that -regardless of race- 

We want to see crack downs on criminals. We want to see people charged and punished for their crimes against the law abiding. 

And we don’t want more useless gun laws to thrust upon the law abiding.

Abrams is taking the absolute-wrong-approach, and that’s why I’ll predict that she loses by 100 thousand votes this time.

Last time she ran, she lost by 53-thousand votes and pretended she won. This time around? The gap will be 100 thousand or more.

And she’ll be scrambling to figure out what here ‘next act’ in politics will be.

And in all seriousness-you know what she’ll do?

She’ll end up where all failed ‘flash in the pan’ lefties end up. On CNN or MSNBC talking like an ‘expert’ on things she knows nothing about.

At least give her a show on the food network. That she seems to know something about.

photo credit: Getty Images

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