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The left worked all week to tie the mentally ill shooter to conservatives.

Jay Weber Show transcript 5-18-22 6:10am

I am finding that I have- zero interest-in the latest attempt by the slimy democrats and their talking heads -to blame the Buffalo grocery store shooting on right-wingers, again.

This sort of knee-jerk reaction to the latest shooting that fits their narrative- has grown so tedious to me.

The black guy who attacked the New York subway a few weeks ago insisted it was over racial hate. His social media profile was at least as large as this white shooter in Buffalo.

And yet...the left-wing media dropped all coverage of that story the moment it became apparent: the subway attack was a racial hate crime.... committed by a black person....and so they all went silent on it.

Now we have an equally heinous hate crime committed by a white person-and they haven’t stopped talking about it three days-

Nor have they focused on-anything-other than trying to link this lunatic to the right wing.


The so-called ‘manifesto’ that the shooter created, was 180 pages long, and was all over the map, politically and ideologically, because- gee-the kid is nuts.

His family and his community have known he was mentally ill-and yet-somehow- this violent streak in him went unaddressed or undiscovered by his parents-

That! - should be the issue. We should, once again, focusing on what caused this young person to snap, and why his mental illness went unaddressed....

Instead of the left trying to use it to smear their political enemies again.

For three days now, every left-wing news outlet and talking head, and blogger, has been talking about ‘Tucker Carlson’ and ‘Fox news’ and ‘right wing hatred’...

Even though the shooter never once mentions tucker in his 180-age screed....and only mentions Fox news as something that he ‘hates’.

It’s all ranting...and at it often contradicts the ‘rant’ that came before. The guy is just a lunatic...and part of his mania manifested itself as racial hatred, unfortunately, but there’s also an overriding hatred of ‘humans’ the screed.

We are what’s wrong with the planet...etc.

It’s the ramblings of a-literal-mental patient.

So- bottom line-if you haven’t really been following this story closely- the impressions you might be absorbing from the MSM coverage are-completely-out of whack.

Everyone on the left- took a great leap!

A huge leap!

To suggest that this has anything to do with conservatives or conservative thought. This kid has a diseased, mentally ill mind, and his manifesto is a series of rants of the sort that you would get from a diseased mind.

And if there is one thing-specifically-missing from any of his ramblings, though: it is some love or loyalty to Tucker Carlson, or fox news, or anyone on the right.

He specifically states at different points that he hates people on the right.

And so-this outrageous move by the scumbag leftists and their talking heads to, once again, ‘use a crisis to their own best advantage’ ...just bores me now.

It should infuriate me...but these same people broke my outrage meter long ago. They’re just truly rancid and awful people. From Joy and Whoopie- right up to Schumer, Pelosi, and bidden-

They are all scummy, awful engage in these sorts of serial falsehoods.

And so that’s why i haven’t been talking about the ‘Buffalo story’. Because there’s nothing that hasn’t been said dozens of times before.

This is another fraudulent attempt by the democrats and their accomplices to pretend as if ‘white supremacist’ are a huge threat to this country.

No, They’re not.

White supremacist groups are so marginalized that 90 percent of Americans couldn’t name one...or name a single leader of this ‘great white supremacist threat’.

They keep trying to tie it to the right wing...but it’s not a ‘right wing’ thing.  The stain of white-led racism is on their side of the political aisle-not ours.

And every time white racist voices pop up and try to join or agree with the conservative movement, we squash them.  

But- hey- the media finally found ‘a’ white supremacist.

They finally found one. It’s been a long wait since Dylan Root-

And so- they are going to ‘use this’ to the fullest and most fraudulent extent that they can.

This is ‘evidence’ of the great, fake boogieman that Biden and the dems have been pretending are a ‘great threat’ to this nation.

In nearly a decade’s worth of these claims now-somehow-there is no ‘actual’ evidence of this ‘great white threat’.

And so-they purveyors of this lie are going to latch onto anything that they feel they can even remotely use as evidence-

Like this mentally ill-all over the map- messed up kid. 

And there is-no doubt-that he racially targeted his hatred. No doubt.

But he doesn’t single some ‘larger poison’ that pervades America.

It’s not there. But the democrats need you to-believe- it is there.

photo credit: Getty Images

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