Biden systematically killed American prosperity

Jay Weber Show transcript 5-4-22 6:10am

New gallop poll shows public confidence in President Biden and his fed chairman, Jerome Powell, to manage this economy, has dropped thru the floor.

Well, of course it has. Because they-are not- managing the economy!!!  Instead, they have touched off the worst inflation in 40 years and gas and diesel prices are at new record highs. New-all time-record highs- on our fuel and energy costs, in America, my friends.

And yes, it is Biden’s doing. And yes, Powell shares blame because he was one of the tree stumps who was saying any inflation was going to be temporary, and about two percent.

Instead-Biden and the dems gave us- long lasting-and 9 percent...and Powell is still! Sitting on his hands.

What a shock, that the American people have lost confidence in these two.

  • 38% to 43% have confidence in U.S. leaders on the economy
  • Confidence in Biden, Powell, Democratic leaders fell by double digits
  • Confidence ratings for all leaders are below historical averages for each

Well, those people were stupid.... no time...did those of us who have watched Joe Biden for decades- ever think that he could effectively manage the economy.

I’ve been telling listeners for decades that Joe Biden is a bloviating boob, and it’s a shame that it took fifty years and our current series of disasters for the American people to wake up to it.

One result: 80 percent of democrats still say they have confidence in Biden’s ability to manage the economy.

This is like 80 percent of us still thinking that the confederacy can still win the civil war.

There is nothing to ‘believe in’ here. The man and his team have already ruined a strong recovery and have us in the textbook definition of ‘stagflation’.

What are you investing your opinion in, here? A late come-back?

Are 80 percent of democrats thinking that ole uncle Joe is going to fight thru the inflation and deliver a stellar recovery in 2024?

Okay....I get it.

But then they are like the German people believing Hitler could still win the war...after the allies had him trapped in his bunker. 

Okay...just wait....let’s see where this goes...Adolf’s got skills....


The dems think Biden and Powell can pull a Reagan economy or a trump economy out of nearly Carter-level stagflation?

And without doing anything?

Because that’s the other part of this equation: Bidenflation has been creeping higher for nearly a year now...thru the fours and fives...into the sixes and sevens. Right into the eights.... threatening nine percent....

And all of that time-Biden’s White House has ignored it-and Jerome Powell and the fed have’s just see where this goes....

Come on.

It’s so bad that the NY Times and Wash Post teams are feverishly rewriting the history-in real time.

The post had an article this weekend that is just ludicrous....

Biden entered office with a historic set of challenges, punctuated by a deadly pandemic and a shuttered economy. Now, six months before midterm elections that could dramatically alter his governing ability in the final two years of his term, the list of issues has seemingly only grown longer.

Gas prices across the country are soaring. Inflation has broken 40-year records. Prospects for Biden’s sweeping climate and social spending package appear dim. Crime rates are high. New variants of the coronavirus continue to emerge. Just last week, a report showed the economy unexpectedly contracted in the first quarter, while Vice President Harris’s coronavirus case highlighted the stubbornness of the pandemic.

Every part of that is wrong and is revisionist history: Biden entered office with a historic set of issues.

No. He didn’t.

I swear to you- he didn’t.

Trump and Pence had the vaccine developed and being put into people’s arms...all Biden’s team had to do was complete the distribution...and stay on top of the process. They blew it.

Trump and his advisors also had a robust recovery already underway. The economy was roaring back after they reopened it- thru October, November, and December-

And with low inflation-just two percent inflation during the reboot-

It was all going so well that economists of all political persuasions were predicting a stellar 2021. Remember?  We were going to see 7 to 9 percent gdp growth, this recovery was going to be so great...

Those were the only two problems Biden inherited: covid, and a recovering economy- and they were handed off ‘in a good place’.  He botched them.

Joe Biden-did not-enter office with a historic set of problems.  He entered office with very few-and with solutions....

Quote...a hear and a half later, the list has seemingly grown longer-

No, it -has-grown longer, and it has because Joe Biden has created all his own problems!!


Talk about revisionist history: every problem they cite-Biden and the democrats created!!!

Aside from the new covid variants- Joe Biden and the democrats created all of those problems!

They were handed a closed and controlled border. Biden-restarted-the border and immigration crisis. He caused the inflation. He caused the high gas prices. He has us on the brink of a recession. He tried to push a socialist agenda as a green agenda and failed-and he spent the last year doing it-instead of focusing on the country’s problems-

Not a single ‘thread’ of this post narrative is true. And I love the bow they put around it: many democrats say it seems as though the president can’t catch a break these days.

He. Is causing. The problems.

There’s an adage: you make your own breaks. Especially in politics. Ron DeSantis sure has. Glenn Youngkin has. These are politicians making the best of the ‘bad situations’ they inherited in their states.

Biden inherited a very good situation- and I swear to you-that is true: if you look back thru the history of the country, most presidents inherit far more problems.  Biden’s team was sitting pretty-

And if you want evidence that they thought so, too- where is that covid plan that they said they had that was better than trumps?

We found out, a few weeks after Biden entered office, that his campaign team never had one. To this day, Biden’s regime has never developed an actual covid policy.


Because they came into office-knowing and assuming-that all they had to do was complete the trump/pence vaccination plan. That’s what they were banking on...

Which -at the very least-proves that they believed -as they came into office- that they had inherited a good situation.

Ditto for the economy: Trump and Kudlow and Navarro, etc... had the economy ramping up again...even if supply lines were strained. The economy was bouncing back on its own- and so- Biden’s white house team never felt the need to develop their own plan to nurse the economy back to health-

Instead-they leapt with ‘all feet’ at Pelosi and Schumer’s two trillion dollar attempt to buy future votes with the final covid bill...and then signed into Bernie’s idiotic six trillion-dollar socialist spending bull.

Biden’s team had plans to-ruin-the economy, but had no plans to help it, or to manage the recovery.

They assumed that would happen on its own...given how easy Trump’s team had made it look.

These democrats and their accomplices in the big media outlets are clowns. Dangerous clowns.

This inflation situation isn’t getting any better-because Biden’s team has worked hard to ignore it. Pretend as if it’s not happening...or as if it’s only temporary.

Their approach is to keep insisting that this economy is going great-and hope people believe it...despite what they are experiencing at the grocery store, at restaurants, as they fill up the tank.

Folks-i stopped to get groceries yesterday and was shocked by the bread aisle.  Bread offerings at this store used to stretch sixty feet-with all sorts of bread and bun options and brand names.

Now- the ‘bread aisles. Is now a small ‘section’ of about 15 feet-and there are very few options or brand names?

I had-one option-for rye bread. One.

Bernie sanders would have been proud of what he and Biden have accomplished.

You don’t need more options. Forget your fancy. Jewish rye. Or caraway rye...or swirled rye.You elitist pig. Here’s generic rye bread...and you have three loaves to choose from. One looks like it was stepped on...but...what are you? A prince?

A new socialist wind is blowing, my friend, get used to it. Prosperity is dead, and it’s about time.

If i could lift my foot, I’d put a boot in your ass. Take your smooshed rye and go home, comrade.

story credit: Washington Post
photo credit: Getty Images

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