Donald Trump's rally in Arizona drew over 15 thousand people.

Jay Weber Show transcript 1-17-22 6:40

Donald Trump held a rally in Arizona on Saturday, and fifteen thousand people showed up.

So much for the notion that Trump is no longer viable. He’s still a powerful figure in this party and is working hard to play ‘king maker’ in the fall elections in order to have even more power and ‘sway’ over events in 2024.

Trump is clearly intending to run again-and if you question whether his endorsement is still valuable within the party-or if ‘crossing Trump’ can still ruin you-

Well- yet another republican house member who voted to impeach Trump has decided not to run again and....after Trump gave his endorsement in the Arizona governor’s race on Saturday, the other republican running in the primary-dropped out.

She knew how important it was to get trump’s endorsement, and that it meant she wasn’t about to win that primary, if her opponent was ‘trump endorsed’.

And so, yes, the man still holds sway within the party.

He talked about staging a comeback on Saturday...’a comeback the likes of which nobody has ever seen’ as he put it.

And he spent nearly two hours giving a detailed indictment of the Biden years, and the Biden presidency, but of course, the only coverage he got in the MSM afterward was related to his continued insistence that the election was stolen from him.

And I tell you- I wish he’d stick to the other stuff. I know that some of trump’s complaints about the election are valid, I just don’t think ‘persuadable voters’ want to hear about it.

Trump blasted the bogus ‘January sixth’ commission.

Trump said the real insurrection was on November 3rd and made it clear that he is not going to let this go.

This has proven to be a character trait that has been both a trump strength, and a trump weakness, over the years. The man cannot, ever, let anything go. He holds grudges and enemies lists in his head forever. Going back decades. And it just cannot be healthy.

And I say this as someone who agrees that there were serious irregularities and leftist cheating schemes that-to this day- have not been properly explored or exposed...such as Mark Zuckerberg and other billionaire leftists funneling money directly to the clerks in the critical democrat-run cities, like Madison and Milwaukee.

Last week-after his bogus speech on voter rights, President Biden told reporters ‘It’s about who counts the votes. It’s not about stopping people from voting, so much as it’s about who counts the votes.

Well...Biden seems to know where the cheating is going on, doesn’t he? Because, yet again, the Democrats are accusing the republicans of something that the democrats are actually doing trying to rig the elections at the city clerk level.

He’s not wrong. I just think he’d be more effective-both this year-and in 2024- by talking about the terrible turn-around that this country has seen under Biden and the democrats in dc.

He talked about runaway inflation and how Biden’s inflation tax had erased any raise that the American people got-under trump.

He also said the democrats must go down in such a crushing midterm defeat that they cannot steal it or corrupt it.

It’s got to be overwhelming.

I agree-but for a different reason: it’s got to be a crushing, overwhelming defeat, to make it clear to the democrat party leaders that socialism and ‘socialist progressivism’, isn’t going to fly. The American people don’t want it and won’t vote for it.

The only way that this Dem party moderates-is if we voters slap them down election, after election, after election, so long as socialists like Bernie and AOC are driving the party.

But as for the truth of the 2020 election and the constant re-litigating of it: where the cheating occurred versus the crackpot conspiracy theories on how it occurred-

Those of us who want to see election reform that stops democrats from abusing the system need to be able to separate out the -real cheating, or gaming of the electoral system-versus some of the wild claims.

Phil Kline is with the Amistad project is one of the country’s leading election watchdog groups...and has done good work in finding-hard evidence- of election fraud or dishonest scheming.

And after their investigations into 2020- say they found several unprecedented practices that were clearly meant to give them an advantage.

Most of them surrounded the so-called Zucker-bucks- the dumping of massive amounts of leftist money into the clerks’ offices with offers to ‘help’ turn out and count the vote.

In short: the left used the covid pandemic as an excuse to cheat...and the power to change the rules any way they wanted to ‘in the name of covid’ ...allowed them to roll out an entirely new way to cheat let’s spend hundreds of millions of dollars to the ‘willing’ city clerks and get access to the ballots, the early voting, and even the counting of those ballots in return.

It’s outrageous and should never be allowed to happen again.

And until new laws are passed- state by state-to stop billionaires and private activist groups from flooding money into ‘the count’ and into control of the city clerk’s can bet the democrats are going to keep doing it.

They will stop at nothing.

I mean- what-is- the January sixth commission other than another way for democrats to rig the next two elections?

The entire endeavor is designed to develop the next batch of lies and smear tactics against republicans.

And anyone on our side who is talking about it as if it’s a serious committee, or a serious investigation, still has Trump derangement syndrome.

story credit: RealClearPolitics Trump: The Real Insurrection Took Place On Election Day, Why Aren't They Investigating The Rigged Election?

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