The Riot Theater was a distraction to their failed polices

Jay Weber Show transcript 7:40am 1-7-21

Well-was I right about the ‘riot theatre’ the Dems engaged in yesterday, or what?

And I have no interest in wading back thru it, or trying to rebut every silly, extreme, or outrageously wrong thing that was said yesterday...

I’ll leave that for other hosts who care to.

I’d rather focus on some of the great reaction to it and keep exposing the fact that 95 percent of the coverage -and dem actions-related to last year’s riot is about political theatre and having new scare tactics and ways to divide the country- this fall.

Because that’s all democrats do now, when they run for election. It’s a playbook Pelosi, Reid, Obama, and Eric Holder adopted in the 2000s... when they realized the only way Dems could move the group of pathetic, gullible voters that they needed to win elections. Was by racial division and scare tactics and constant social agitation.

It’s all we have seen out of them, ever since.

And you know I’m right. Even the liberals quietly listening in the audience know this has been the mainstay of their party’s strategy over the last 15 years or so.

And so-as Tucker Carlson aptly put it: January sixth was not a terrorist attack, or an insurrection. This is just the midterm strategy of the democrats.


And I’ve been saying as much all week.

I predicted all the overwrought nonsense you heard yesterday starting with Kamala Harris comparing the riot to pearl harbor or 9-11.

Come on.

She makes herself sound like an idiot with such an eye-rolling take.

One ‘win’ for our side is that today’s democrats are in such an echo-chamber, that they still haven’t figured out that over-wrought exaggerations and hyperbole backfire. They convince no one: Donald Trump is like Hitler.

No. He’s not. Don’t be an idiot.

January sixth rocked the country like 9-11.

No. It didn’t. Shut up and sit down.

And-as predicted-she just used it to push for support for the democrat’s election cheating bill.

It will be remembered as the day that ‘the American system worked’. It was not a coup. And trump’s plan to try to erase the electoral vote in key states didn’t work-because the system-and the other people leading his party- said, ‘no. We aren’t doing that’.

Our great American system worked. And that should be the take-away from last January sixth. The end.

But Harris, Biden, and the Dem party want to use it to engage in cheap political theater and new scare tactics. And in doing so, they once again prove that they have-no interest-in doing the work or solving the problems of this country.

And we’ll talk about that later, but the White House is already saying that-next week Wednesday- both Biden and Harris will travel. And give speeches about ‘voting rights. That’s the agenda for the next week...when the American people care about.... uhm... This terrible inflation. Biden’s open border. The covid pandemic. The Taliban now being the biggest arms dealer in the middle east-as they sell the high tech weaponry Biden left behind in Afghanistan to their fellow terror groups.

This is what we, the people care about, and want the Biden administration to address.

Instead-they’ll spend the next 10 days on false narratives and divisive speeches to push their election cheating bill.

Come on, people.

Who is buying this, anymore?

Joe Biden really sounded like a horse’s ass- as he made statements that rebounded and made-him-look like a jackass.

He and Kammy both slammed Donald Trump for refusing to accept the results of the 2020 election.

So, who’s a Nazi for refusing to admit they lost ‘fair and square?’trump or Biden?

This-from a president and a party that engaged in a three-year campaign of orchestrated lies related to ‘Russia collusion’ what was the greatest attempt in u-s history to overturn an election.

What. A scumbag. And how foolish Biden makes himself look to any cogent, thinking American.

Do you see how ridiculous all of this is?

And yet- this massive and sustained attempt by the democrats to convince the American people that Trump’s reaction to his loss is somehow- out of step with how the country has reacted to every other close election in American history- is- dangerous. Yes.

It is the -democrat’s rhetoric- in this moment, that is dangerous, because it is the democrats attempting to do what they have been accusing trump and our side of trying to do over the last year: the republicans are attempting a bloodless insurrection their talking point.


But- the democrats are. They’ve been trying to convince the American people for a year that ‘democracy dies’ if they don’t give the democrats permanent operational control of Washington DC and all future elections.

And yesterday- what they launched-was a vigorous effort to trick the American people into agreeing to a ‘bloodless insurrection’ by the democrats.Yes.

They are doing-exactly-what they have been accusing Trump and conservatives doing for a year now: trying to grab control of this country and its future-illegally and unconstitutionally.

That is their mission, here, with this nonsense.

And that is why it is ‘dangerous’ nonsense.

If it was dangerous for trump and his followers to engage in months of sour grapes and excuse making and claims of a ‘stolen election’...

Well was just as dangerous when Biden and Harris and Pelosi and Schumer and the rest of them engaged in a years-long campaign of sour grapes and fake Russia collusion schemes, and claims of a stolen election, too. Wasn’t it?

And now we are supposed to believe that -they? On their side of the aisle? That people like Schumer and Pelosi and Adam Schiff? -they? -are the only people who can save democracy?

Come on.

You leftists are way too gullible and you are way too willing to forget the very real problems that Biden/ Harris and their administration have heaped onto this country over the past year.

President trump put out a statement yesterday that infuriated the left and the trump haters-but that also happened to be true. Which is half the reason that I think the leftists and Trump haters got so angry about it.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Pelosi, summerset- all spent the day-and intend to spend the entire weekend and all next week- talking about January sixth and how it proves we need them to cheat the filibuster and ram thru their election cheating bill...

As they ignore the actual work of the American people.

Covid-19 is raging and causing huge disruptions across numerous industries- from health care, to transportation, to the airline and supply line industries. Price hikes are raging. Gas is back up over 3 bucks a gallon. Snowstorms are hitting the southern states. Dismal Jobs report.The crisis of humans and drugs over the open border remains...etc.

And all the Dems want to focus on is their highly dishonest scheme to take permanent control of the country-during the shrinking ten-month window that they have. It really is-infuriating.

This is open malfeasance, people, as the Biden team and the Dems in congress actively avoid what the American people care about-and want addressed.

And in over 30 years of doing this-I genuinely have never seen it.

It’s unacceptable....and the American people have to-stop voting for it.

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