What's really behind the left's abortion alarmism

Jay Weber Show transcript 9/3/21

The left-wing hysteria over the Supreme Court’s refusal to immediately block a new Texas abortion law is another illustration of just how panicked the democrats and their activists are...that they are losing their ability to bully the courts into getting their way-when the American people reject their agenda.

Look. That’s what this is really about: for decades now, we have seen the activist left go to the courts when the American people have rejected their extreme, bullying agendas.

And you can pick your topic: it doesn’t matter where you stand on something like....

Gay marriage. The majority of Americans-right thru the Obama administration- did not support gay marriage. It’s a fight the activists won in the courts.

Two-thirds of Americans did not want Obamacare, and it is clearly unconstitutional. But the liberals won in the courts.

Time and again-over the last 20 to 30 years- the activist left has resorted to getting one, or three, or five...activist judges on the courts to give them what they want, because most of the American people reject their agenda.

Think about where all these future fights also end up- whether it’s more gun control, or open borders, or pushing more transgender bologna-

The left’s- entire plan- is to win in the courts. Because they know that most Americans will never support their agenda. America needs to be-force- into changing. By a few activist judges. Period.

This is a huge part of their future...as they push for more socialism and big government control.

It’s why they were so furious when president trump got to put three new young conservatives on the supreme court and create what is the -final stopper- on most of their plans-

Given that many of their plans are unconstitutional or violate current laws. They can’t grab a permanent, bullying, ruling majority in this country if the supreme court doesn’t let them ignore the constitution and circumvent the existing laws.

And so- this court ruling on the Texas abortion law was met with all sorts of fury and panic that was completely un-proportional to the court’s action.

We had everyone from Hillary Clinton to AOC insisting, yesterday, that the supreme court just ended Roe v Wade.

For heaven’s sake. They did not.

The court didn’t even rule on the actual case!

All they did was allow a new abortion law in Texas to take effect....as they consider that and other abortion-related cases.

That’s all the justices did this week.

After Texas republicans passed a law that bars abortion after about six weeks of pregnancy-which is a strong new standard- the pro-abortion forces in Texas rush to the supreme court with an emergency request to block its implementation until their court challenge can make its way thru the system.

All the court’s conservatives did was say, ‘no’. We won’t block the law from taking effect.

They didn’t even really decide the case, and they certainly didn’t reverse or kill off Roe v Wade.

But they should.

Because Roe v Wade is one of the worst and most consequential decisions ever made by the US Supreme Court. In the history of the country.

The court in the early 70s got it wrong. And anyone with a brain and a legal degree knows it-including all these democrats-

And so that’s why they get so panicky every time a law related to restricting abortion is passed. It’s why they go into extreme flop sweats and hysteria over ‘protecting Roe’ every time a case hits a higher court.

Because they- know- the 70s court botched their decision and created a constitutional right that doesn’t exist. And they know that any future court that looks at it- if they look at it honestly-will have to reverse it.

Hence-the hysteria and hyperbole, yesterday.

This was a mundane procedural question before the court-that they rejected. They did not make a big, constitution-shaking, decision here.

But remember: the Democrats win elections because they can scare and gaslight so many idiot voters who never follow along.

And so, they simply lie about stuff now. Nakedly.

As in-none of the new voter laws being passed in the red states-in any way- restrict voting or harken back to Jim Crow. But the left lies about it-and knows scores of their idiot followers will buy the lies.

Same thing here. Hillary lies-and knows it- to raise the alarms.

AOC is a genuine idiot, and so, i can only guess at whether she knows better, but she was screeching, too, yesterday.

Because, of course, this is a chance to insist that this is an evil, backward conservative court now -that must be stolen back- by lefties and the better angels amongst us- like AOC.

It’s just forwarding outrageous lies- knowing that tens of millions in their idiot ‘minion’ masses will buy it-and get all angry and activist and outraged, too.

It’s getting to be a tiring game-and honestly? - I believe it is already starting to lose its effect.

These democrats and their strategists are panicked that-despite their best efforts to restart race wars- they are losing more Black and Hispanic voters.

And they are panicked that-despite their best efforts to trick Americans into supporting socialism-their efforts are failing.

And trust me- they are in a stone-cold panic over the thought that they have lost their advantage in the courts-because their entire plan to take permanent control of this country-hinges- on having courts that agree to allow them to ignore the constitution and 240 years of previously passed laws and precedents.

And so, I wasn’t surprised to see panicked Nancy Pelosi promise to codify ‘Roe’ into law by passing a broad new abortion protection law when congress gets back from recess.

Folks- if Pelosi and the democrats could have done that, in the past, it would already be done.

Again- the American people do not support their extreme agenda-so no- Roe’s misguided protections have never been codified into law. No.

And Pelosi and Schumer don’t have the votes for it now. And so, Pelosi, once again, made a false promise to her base-unless-

Unless- Chuck Schumer can get every single one of his democrats to break the rules again. Cheat again. And end the filibuster. Which remains highly unlikely.

Then there’s Biden- vowing to bring the entire weight and power of the federal government forward to fight this assault on Roe:

Biden’s promise here ends with a yawn.

Jen Psaki said later the president will continue to push congress to act.

Whoa. That means nothing.

That’s like saying the president will continue to push the Chicago bears to win the Super Bowl.

He can push all he wants- we all know it’s not going to happen any time soon.

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