The covid crisis is over. Time to move on

Several conservatives tweeted out a set of graphs from the United Kingdom yesterday. They showed how completely the number of covid cases has been ‘decoupled’ from the number of covid deaths.

What I mean is: if you imagine a graph that is going to chart the path of covid cases in blue and covid deaths in red before the vaccines were available those two lines mirrored each other on our graph...

As the blue line showing cases went up and up and up...the number of covid deaths, represented by the red line...also went up and up and up. The two lines on the graph were very similar, and not surprising: of course, as the number of covid cases rose, the number of deaths would rise. Right? It is logical.

But that is not what the graphs show, anymore. Post-vaccine-the two graphs show two very different lines, now. The blue line, representing the number of covid cases, is rising again it is going up and up and up as this more infectious delta variant takes hold.

But the red line representing covid deaths-is not-rising. In fact, it is remaining very, very low. It is running along the bottom axis of the graph.

Covid deaths-in the UK are not rising along with covid cases.


Because this is now a pandemic of ‘the vaccinated’, and of younger people who might be unvaccinated, but are not going to die if they get covid .Correct?

And so- this also now makes sense. The data shows that -in the western world-we really have beaten covid. Even as a new strain pops up and moves person to person building their future immunity because now, they have had it...right?...

Even as the new strain moves thru the population-very few people are needing hospitalization and virtually no one is dying of covid, anymore.

That is remarkable, given where we were a year ago, when this was a completely unknown virus to us.A complete unknown to the medical and research communities.

It is incredible how far we have come.

And yet- with a new rise in cases-which is still small but significant in western countries like ours that have largely been vaccinated-

Even now-we have a new wave of ‘Karens’ insisting that we need to go back to mask mandates and restrictions due to a rise in cases.

No. We do not. This is a virus now, that we are going to have to live with for some time, and we have a handle on it. The increasing number of cases-even within the unvaccinated community- is not leading to a wave of new deaths.

Let those people get covid, fight off the virus, and gain immunity. This should be our strategy now, for people who refuse to get vaccinated: okay, you know you have the option. If you get covid, you might be miserable, but you aren’t likely to die from it-so long as you seek medical treatment...

So....society must move on, here.

This is where i believe we should be-logically- with this pandemic, now.

Instead-the Karen’s are struggling into their spanx....and getting ready to launch a second close down jihad.

If we learned anything from the first attempt to ruin our economy the lockdown and restriction orders didn’t help to slow the spread of the virus. Various studies from various countries have now shown that.

Moreover- even if you want to have a public debate on whether vaccinations should be mandated-and where-

There is no reason. No reason. To force new mask mandates and close down orders. People are-with rare exception – no longer dying from covid. The numbers on this-really are- more like the flu now. Lots of people might get it. Most who get it will not get a severe case of it.

Those who are vaccinated might not feel any symptoms at all-and that is most of the vulnerable population-

We are covered here.

But, but, there are parts of the country where most people refused to be vaccinated.


So, they have made their decision: they are willing to fight off covid naturally if they get it. Once they have it- they will have immunity and/or the ability to fight it off more easily the next time.

We are good on this, people.

The covid scares-in America-should be over.

And the new waves of alarmism should also be rejected: no, we do not need to have every child-from the toddlers on up- masked up in schools and day cares, no.

That is crazy. Those kids have a better chance of dying in a car accident on the way to school, than they have of dying from covid.

Enough, already.

We cannot take all the risk out of living, but thanks to our medical and research communities, we have almost totally defanged covid.

We can continue to be aware of it. Continue to test and urge vaccinations. But this government bullying needs to stop.Because on top of everything else-it’s backfiring.

How many times can the government bullies insist ‘death is right around the corner’ for us, and expect us to believe it?

Especially when they are using that rhetoric as a reason to close our businesses and take away our livelihoods, as well as our freedom of movement and freedom of choice.

this study shows that -after nearly a year and a half of alarmism and bullying on this- people do not want to hear it, nor be bullied about it-


And the good news is that government does not need to, anymore. We have got covid figured out-even if it -is- going to be a new potential infection that some of us are going to get-occasionally-moving forward. Like the flu.

Or Lyme disease. Or rickets.

It is a thing, now. The medical community is on top of it. The kids are not in danger. The vulnerable are vaccinated. Herd immunity is building with each new case.

Move on.

photo credit: Getty Images

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