The ugly truth about critical race theory

Jay Weber Show transcript 6-10-21 7:10am

I love to see the backlash building against the left wing push to indoctrinate our children into their ‘new racism’ in schools.

I’m talking about left-wing educators insisting on teaching ‘critical race theory’ in schools, as if it’s just a new and more enlightened way to look at racism in America.

It’s not. It represents a total abandonment of our efforts of the last 60 years to build a colorblind society....and instead...teaches the sort of old-school racism that so many of us had thought we’d left behind.

We are seeing teachers and parents around the country stand up against the efforts of their union-backed, left wing school board leaders to force our children to be exposed to this new racism.

And if you think this new bullying of the sort that we have seen from the cry bully left that we have seen over the last few years is extreme and alarming...well... It’s far worse in our schools and universities- where today’s bullying left meets virtually no resistance.

We are starting to see voters reject overly activist school board members here in Wisconsin, and elsewhere. That trend is bound to continue, as reaction to critical race theory and gender indoctrination.

More teachers are pushing back, as well. You might have heard about yet another teacher from a private school out east- quitting over CRT and then blowing the whistle for parents.

And we, as parents and community members, also have to have the backs of the teachers who don’t want to teach this stuff, and also don’t want this poison in the schools, but feel like they can’t fight back.

We-the rest of us in the community- must push radical lunatics off of our school boards and insist that the board members follow the wishes of the public....and enforce the public’s choice of the schools.

This critical race theory is ugly.

Just ugly.

And something else gives me hope that this wave against it is only going to grow: because more and more Black Americans are stepping forward to say: we have been working to achieve Martin Luther King’s dream...and we refuse to take the country back 100 years...and re-instill a bunch of racist beliefs and resentments on our young people.

I give a huge round of applause to these people: Black Americans, conservative and other, who see this as the racist offense to the country that it is.

Black Americans made so much great progress during reconstruction and thru the first half of the twentieth century- and this was even with racial discrimination continuing in a lot of ways.

Black people ‘overcame’ the worst of it, and mlk and the civil rights movement popped up to finish the job: to really try to put this country on equal racial footing.

And ugh. We got close. We got so close in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s....

And that, in fact, is what helped start this new racist movement: the race hustlers and the entire grievance culture that they had built around a ‘racist America’ saw their scam evaporating. America-by and large-wasn’t racist, anymore.

And so they scrambled to invent new forms of ‘silent’ or ‘hidden’ racism. Their activists and acolytes scrambled to create racial hoaxes that would stir up the community and the country...and we were off on a poisonous path again.

That’s what has happened here, and how we have arrived at this truly awful and racist ‘critical race theory’ indoctrination.

So far, about 19 states have moved to ban or restrict this racist poison called CRT in our schools...and parents and educators in every single state should be pushing to do so.

photo credit: Getty Images