Joe Biden gave a dark and dishonest speech on race in America

Jay Weber Show transcript 6-3-21 6:40am

Here’s something I have decided is correct: Joe Biden is the easiest president in American history to ignore and overlook.

And what i mean is- no one really believes he’s running the country, anyway.

It is clear that he has abandoned every single policy and position that he -ever had- as he served as a US senator for over 40 years-

And it is clear that a younger Joe Biden never would have gone along with half of this outrageous America-killing crap that his administration is proposing...

And so....its clear Biden isn’t really running the country. And if he’s not-he’s easy to overlook. DC and NY insiders will, instead, turn to the people who are really running the show. They’ll focus on people like Ron Klain and Susan Rice and other white house insiders the ones who are really setting the agenda and making the decisions.

And that means no one’s really paying attention to Joe.

And i can prove it: President Biden gave a speech on Memorial Day that proved to have some eyebrow raising things in it, and no one caught them until yesterday. Wednesday.

Because-clearly- no one in the NY or DC newsrooms watched Biden’s Memorial Day speech. They had to circle back and find it when-others-told them Biden had said ‘this’ or ‘that’.

Another instance is this Tulsa speech Biden gave on Tuesday.

Now, clearly, more reporters and pundits watched it, but it still took two days for them to really process it and realize how outrageous some of the things were-that Biden said.

If you go back and listen, President Biden made it sound as if America hasn’t progressed-one iota- on the issue of race and race relations since the 1860s.

And that’s complete crap, of course.

This speech was meant to mark the 100 year anniversary of the Tulsa massacre-in which dozens- to hundreds- of successful, independent, middle and upper class blacks were massacred in a bloody riot...

And as mortifying and soul crushing as that moment in history was- Joe Biden could have used it as an opportunity to show how far we’ve come on the issues of race and equality in 100 years.

Instead, he acted as if nothing’s changed. As if white supremacy is still the biggest threat to this country, and as if we are still seeing race riots and lynching’s in America.

We are not. And we haven’t seen them in four or five decades.

Biden totally misrepresented how far we’ve come- and very dishonestly insisted that the republican’s current push for new voter integrity laws -was really just another move by whitey to oppress black people.

It’s nothing of the sort, of course, and for the record- over 70 percent of black voters support voter id laws and tell pollsters that they want our elections to be fairly run.

America’s Blacks and Hispanics-are being asked to make a choice today: which America do you want to live in?

One in which racial animosity’s fester in the minority communities and any neighbors of yours with a different skin color are the enemy?

Or do you want to live in the America that Martin Luther King described, and for several generations, we were all striving for?

Greg-let’s play again the young black father and his cute little seven year old daughter...that have gone viral. This father is upset that the so-called leaders of today’s black community are trying to indoctrinate our children into a new brand of hate...a new way to keep society separated by race....and so he’s saying-we must reject this critical race theory agenda:

One of the best videos opposing Critical Race Theory that you’ll ever see.

Today’s democrats are asking Americans of all races: what America do you want to live in? One in which every neighbor and co-worker of a different race or color is an enemy? Which is what they are pushing?

Or do you want to live in the America that MLK described, and that we all seemed to be working toward and striving for, until race hustlers and democrats realized their power and influence was coming to an end-because we were!- ending racism in America.

Let’s face it: this is what’s really going on. Our efforts to look past race and build that colorblind America were successful enough thru the 80s, 90s, and early 2000’s,that we were seeing surveys of young black people who said-in high numbers- ‘no, I've never experienced racism’.

Nope. I don’t feel mistreated due to my race.

Some of you might remember when it became clear that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and the NAACP were losing their power and influence because racial tensions and issues- were waning.

Then, frankly, came Obama and Holder and a

Re-radicalizing of America as a political technique. As a way to keep minority voters agitated and indoctrinated into old racial hatreds. All just to win more elections.

And it’s all been downhill from there-as the activist and socialist left have found new power in inventing new racial boogeymen and new forms of racism that no one can see-but trust them-it exists...

In fact, let them explain to you and your children why every white person is racist and every black person is a victim. We call it ‘critical race theory’...

This is where we are, now, as a society. And it’s a dirty, disappointing shame. It’s a terrible shame that white elites and liberal Blacks decided that the best way to gain and hold political power was to restart race wars.

It has the brilliant Jason Riley-a long-time, black columnist for the Wall St journal writing today’s racial agitating on the left is so misplaced, fraudulent, and harmful to a Black community that can, and should have, moved past these horrific racial injustices of 100 or 150 years ago.

The only thing Riley doesn’t say is: until Black leaders and elected officials -admit- that the state of black America depends on how the members and leaders of Black America conduct themselves, teach their children, run their households, form their neighborhoods and communities?

Nothing will change.

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