Will Biden hold China or Fauci accountable for the Wuhan Lab cover-up

Jay Weber Show transcript 5-27-21 8:10 am

There are increasing calls for this slippery turd to resign or be fired.

This, after a number of epidemiologists heard Fauci lie to senator Rand Paul during a recent hearing, and deny that the US taxpayers-thru Fauci’s agency- were funding ‘gain of function’ research in that lab in Wuhan china.

This appears to have touched off the new round of heat on Fauci, as much as anything. Some number of NIH insiders and hotshots in the field heard Fauci and Paul’s exchange and said...what is Fauci talking about?

Of course we sent US funding to that lab...and have been supporting some of their work.

Others are claiming that it was for the sort of ‘gain of function’ research that was banned as too dangerous here in America during the Obama administration, following the h1n1 scare.

And the new scrutiny of Fauci, the CDC, and NIH comes....as the truth finally emerges on how the pandemic almost-certainly began: with at least three Wuhan researchers getting sick enough in November of 2019 to be hospitalized...right before the chi-com government saw its first public covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan and covered it up.

This is all breaking wide open -now that the left wing accomplice media and the Biden white house can no longer contain it.

And Fauci has gone from denying any link to a lab for over a year...and knocking down any suggestion of it....to admitting that we kinda, sorta, need to look into it.

And he’s doing so as a cya move-because he knows far more than he’s letting on. Clearly.

Yesterday, in another senate hearing, Fauci had to admit that, no, there is no way of guaranteeing that the Chinese scientists didn’t use US funding for ‘gain of function’ research on deadly viruses.

The best Fauci could do is say, we’ve met these Chinese scientists and they are good researchers. There’s no reason to question their work.

Well, come on. It doesn’t matter how lovely these researchers are, as people...they are working directly for a Chinese communist government that has been working to weaponized viruses and bacteria for decades, allegedly.

These ‘lovely, competent’ Chinese researchers still need to report to work every day with a proverbial gun to their head... So they can carry out any-and-every-order that the chi-coms give them. And if that’s developing ‘weapons grade’ bio-weapons out of bat virus, well, then that’s what they do.

It doesn’t matter what sort of people they are, personally.

It’s as if Anthony Fauci doesn’t know a single thing about china, the Chinese government, or their past research, which has unleashed at least four or five other viruses onto the world, including SARS and h1n1.

Has Fauci been asleep for the last 40 years?

The new evidence that Fauci has been fudging and lying all along, has senator Rand Paul saying, we need a complete investigation into this-and no-Fauci can’t participate.

Paul went on to say- in this Wuhan lab-they are experimenting with the SARS virus which is fifteen times more deadly than this covid-19 variation.Covid-19 kills about one percent of people who get it...and so far that’s meant three million dead, globally.

Imagine if some very infectious version of the SARS virus gets out of that lab. It could be 50-million people dead, easily.

And he’s right, of course.

But-for more than a year-we have had a ‘deep state’ leadership at the CDC and NIH-like Fauci...

And we have had a democrat party and their propagandist accomplices in the media...covering up for the chi-coms.


Because they wanted trump defeated at all costs. That’s why.

The lefty media-absolutely-ignored the obvious when it came to this Wuhan lab and the virus’s origins, because Donald Trump’s white house said it came from there.

And trump and his people are such idiot, racist, buffoons-which they have to be wrong. Correct?

It’s time to side with the chi-coms.

That’s the decision the American left made.

Half-witted Maggie Haberman of the NY Times tries to explain how it’s really trump’s fault that this lab theory was so quickly dismissed and mislabeled ‘debunked’.

Translation: Trump and Pompeo said the virus came from this lab- and wouldn’t show us proof- so we had to side with the chi-coms.

I hope you realize how ludicrous that is. In the age of Obama, Clinton, and Biden...if they or their surrogates told the news media something...it was taken as true. Correct. Gospel.

These clowns didn’t have to fact-check Bill or Hillary or Barry because whatever they or their people said...was published. No need to be circumspect.

But with trump and Pompeo- if they said it- it couldn’t be right.

Habberman just admitted that- the president of the United States and the secretary of state- weren’t to be taken seriously or listened to over the last four years-because they were trump and Pompeo.

There was no way the lefty media was going to trust them on anything.

That’s bad enough. But then realize what else Habberman is saying here: because Trump and Pompeo wouldn’t offer us any proof....we in the lefty media just duffed it. Deep sixed it. We reflexively sided with the chi-coms, and instead of doing any investigation ourselves, as ‘reporters’...we just pretended the theory was debunked and used it to slam trump and republicans in an election year.

She tacitly admits to that!

We conservative talkers aren’t making this up: Habberman at the NY Times is dumb enough to admit it all!

Well, this lab theory came out of trump’s mouth, and so, i think you understand, we had to scoff at it and side with the chi-coms.


That’s her defense?

These are putrid, rancid, people on today’s left.

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