Remember when we knew Trump's every move over the weekend?

Jay Weber Show transcript 5-3-21 7:10am

Remember how every one of Trump’s moves was cataloged?

How even going to the golf course, or going to Maralago on a weekend was a ‘much covered’ event?

Well- we are getting no such interest in Joe Biden’s weekends.

Joe Biden has been in office for 15 weekends, by my count, and that first weekend he had just been inaugurated and so all sorts of parties kept him in dc...but of the next 14...Biden has spent seven in Delaware and each time, he is using taxpayer resources.

In fact, taking air force one out of its hanger is so expensive and ridiculous...for a short hop to Delaware...that he did take some criticism inside the beltway for that- but a few weeks ago-he and Jill decided to just take marine-one....the white house helicopter-directly to their Delaware home.

How cool and convenient would that be? There’s no need to even take marine one over to the air force base and connect with the plane. It’s just a helicopter ride now.

But, so far, Joe and Jill Biden have spent every other weekend in Delaware, at taxpayer expense, and no one has said a thing. A republican would be getting savaged for this ‘unnecessary’ spending.

Moreover, no one knows what Biden does on the weekends, and our accomplice media doesn’t seem at all interested or inquisitive.

Jen Psaki says he uses the time to see his kids and grandkids, and says a president is never really off duty-which is true-

And hey- i have no problem with the Biden’s enjoying their family on the weekends and it’s a great happenstance that their home state-is-so close to dc. But....every other president has had his weekends scrutinized and been slammed by the other party for slacking, or not doing the job.

So this is another tradition of media scrutiny that the lefty media is making an exception for, when it comes to Biden.

He’s getting all sorts of incredible breaks, and all sorts of political help, from a legacy media that has- truly. Honestly. And probably forever- given up all attempt to be fair and balanced.

I honestly don’t know how anyone can work for one of these big media companies, anymore-print or broadcast- and convince themselves that they are doing journalism. That they are trying to be fair and balanced.

No one appears to be -at all- thinking skeptically or critically in these newsrooms, anymore, and that’s the whole point of journalism and news.

To be independent thinkers and independent newsrooms and act as the fourth estate to keep government honest and responsible.

They have abandoned that mission.

More evidence of this came in the form of their coverage on Biden’s first 100 days in office.

Even after the polls showed that he has a worse approval rating 100 days in than any other president...and even though those same polls showed that every policy position he has was unpopular and underwater-

The DC and NY media-still pretended Biden’s had a ‘killer’ first 100 days.

Miranda Devine of the NY post actually said this weekend-it’s shameful and alarming to see the media involved in this mass delusion, and it’s a scary sign of the future.

What does it mean for the next three years-and for the future of the country?

Are we living in an America now in which the most powerful media names and voices are a propagandist organ for the far left?

That’s sure what it looks like to me.

Do you that-over the weekend- CNN tried to whitewash over the fact that Joe Biden was the only member of the Obama white house who opposed the raid to kill Osama bin laden?

Sunday marked the tenth anniversary of that raid on a Pakistani compound to kill bin laden, and Joe Biden, when he was vice president, was famously, the only one in the room that said, ‘barrack, don’t do it.’

Everyone else in the room has told the story dozens of times. It’s engrained lore now, in Washington DC

And it’s one of the decisions that led Obama’s former defense secretary Robert Gates to simply admit it publicly in his biography, what everyone in dc knew at the time: Joe Biden has been on the wrong side of virtually every major foreign policy decision in his 50 years in Washington.

And yet, this weekend, CNN tried to rewrite history and provide cover, and a new narrative, for Biden-on that decision national review pointed out:

That’s right you might remember the famous photo of a packed situation room on that night. Of the people whose names you would recognize: Hillary Clinton was there as sect of state. Robert Gates was there, of course...Mike Mullen, the head of the joint chiefs...Bill Daley, the white house chief of staff...John Brennen, Obama’s scumbag CIA director...James Clapper, Obama’s scumbag director of national intelligence...

All of those people...whom we have never agreed with as conservatives....were all in the room and had the stones to say: let’s do it. Let’s actually use our military and our elite seal unit as intended...and get the SOB.

Only two people in the room were against it, and only Joe Biden said ‘no’. Don’t do it, barrack.

Do you know who the second person was?

The second person was ...Anthony Blinking, who was Biden’s closest advisor who has advised him wrong on all of those same issues for 40 years...and is now our sect of state!!

Let that sink in: the only other person in the room-who was wrong on the bin laden raid-is now our sect of state!

Talk about ‘failing up’ in DC

Bottom line- Joe Biden’s first 100 days has been a disaster. He has been completely out of step with the American people— people who elected him to be a quiet, grandfatherly caretaker of a president who wasn’t going to touch anything, post-trump...

And he and his handlers have gone back on their word completely.

We conservatives told the country it was all a trick and that Biden would not push back against this new group of socialists who are running the party....and our predictions have come true.

Anyone who voted for Biden thinking he’d be just a caretaker and not take the country backward-is a dope.

And all of the never Trumpers and ‘Lincoln project’ style republicans who thought Biden would be better than trump....because he was a pretty harmless old-school liberal- is a dope.

The Charlie Sykes’ and Bill Kristal’s of the world really look like traitorous dopes now, don’t they?

And i see Sykes is still showing his face on MSNBC and is now talking more like a liberal than a conservative...

But has anyone seen Bill Kristol? Does that fathead even have the courage to show his face now, in GOP circles?

I had this thought last week, as trump was making it clear he really, really wants to run again.

I thought about the Kristols and Sykes’...who have decided to just pivot and talk like liberals now.

But i also thought about the never Trumper conservatives who-are-still conservative and want to be a relevant part of the party, again.

People like James Wigderson of Right Wisconsin.

They’ve been in the political wilderness-and politically irrelevant- for five years or more now, and if trump runs again-and wins- their exile from the party will be extended to at least 12 or 13 years.

And it might already be permanent. But talk about making the wrong decision and harming your own status and

Are any of these people relevant, anymore? And will they ever be again? In GOP circles?

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