Joe Biden won't answer. Do you support court packing?

Jay Weber Show transcript 4-19-21 7:10am

It’s an informal theme of the show today: how Joe Biden isn’t showing strength as a president-he’s showing weakness.

The lefty propagandist media seems to want to turn him into FDR or LBJ-but they were bold leaders- Joe Biden is, instead, a follower.

He is being pushed around by every bullying, far left special interest group you can think of.

He’s being pressured into doing whatever the activist hordes within the party want him to do.

And there’s no better example of that than his capitulation on court packing.

For 48 of the 50 years Joe Biden has been in Washington DC-he has been against changing the number of supreme court justices just so one party or the other could have control of that branch of government.

For 48 years-Biden has known how dangerous and stupid it would be for the parties to try to turn the Supreme Court into a second legislative branch by fighting over ideological control and packing the court with new members every time a new party was in power-and had the numbers to steal back control of the court.

For 48 out of his 50 years- Biden spoke passionately about how reckless and dangerous to the republic such a scheme would be.

And now that he’s both the president and a puppet to the socialist activist horde- now he’d allow it if the democrats have the chance.

And I know Biden and his team have tried to take a ‘wait and see’ position on court packing, but that, in-and-of-itself, gives away their position.

This is such a stupid and republic-killing idea that the immediate answer -from any politician in either party-should be ‘no’.

For 48 years, Joe Biden didn’t have any problem saying ‘no’ to this terrible idea, did he?

He even gave speeches warning against it back in the Reagan era.

But now it’s a ‘maybe’?

Come on.

Its proof that today’s democrats will do anything to take permanent control of this country-and any way they can.

I’ve been saying for years: these democrats are okay with burning America to the ground, so long as they can rule over the ashes.

Can you see what i mean, yet?

I said last week-it is alarming-not to hear a small flood of democrats leaping to say ‘never’ to this court packing scheme. If any of them had a modicum of integrity and common sense-they would be.

And instead, as the national review editors point out: neither President Biden nor the other democrat leaders can answer the simple question:

Gallop has been tracking the supreme court’s approval ratings every few months-for years- and it currently has a 53 percent approval rating, which is down a bit from the 58 percent it had last fall-but is higher than the courts’ approval rating has been at practically any time over the last 30 years.

Rarely has the Supreme Court had an approval rating higher than 50 percent in most of our lifetimes, folks.

And so- the claims by the bullying democrats that the court is in crisis. Or has a crisis of patently absurd and provably wrong.

As is the claim that this court was ‘stolen’, which was another charge senator Markey and Jerold Nadler made last week.

This court had a conservative majority-before-trump ever ran for office-

And before Trump and McConnell had the chance to replace three of its members. It’s a nine member court, and trump and it was a 5-4 conservative majority before trump ever took office.

All Trump and McConnell did was swap out two conservatives with younger conservatives, and- due to RGB’s death-flip one seat from liberal to conservative.

So now it’s a 6-3 conservative court-arrived at legitimately-thru the legitimate political and parliamentary processes of the US Senate.

The democrats have nothing to complain about, and that’s proven by the fact that they have to make up lies in order to try to sell their outrageous court packing scheme.

As is constitutional scholar Johnathan Turley-who I will remind you again-is a liberal himself.

He was on fox news this weekend-calling the very fact that this court packing issue lingers- as a crisis of leadership.

He says-this is a failure on the part of President Biden, who equivocated thru-out the campaign on this question and continues to do so today.

Turley On Democrat Court-Packing Plan: 'This Is A Crisis Of Leadership'

So-if no one wants to see the left cheat like this to grab control of the high court- why keep pushing it?

Because they will do it if they can.

Please understand how the democrats and activist left have operated over the last 50 years: it is a standard play out of their playbook to keep banging on an issue, or an idea, until they have made it ‘mainstream’.

I don’t care if it’s gay marriage, or government run health care, or global warming, or legalizing weed...

We could come up with a dozen examples-

The way the activist left has, over time, moved America ‘forward’....(as they define forward)...

The way they have done it is to bring up ideas that sound crack potash because they are...and then keep talking about them so much that it normalizes them....

It’s not unlike trying to talk a friend into robbing a bank without...

Or trying to talk your spouse into that act in the bedroom that they don’t want to try...

If you just keep bringing it up, and bringing it up, until the outrageous nature of it is ‘normalized’, maybe you can get the person to crack.

Okay...if we did rob this bank...’ve got your friend sucked into agreeing to commit a crime.

It’s the same ‘wearing down’ of the public that the left does to get their way on issues, and it has proven to be pretty darn successful over time.

And so- be alarmed. Be very alarmed that in 2020 and 2021...democrats have started a campaign to change how most voters view ‘court packing’.

They hope that by 2025 or 2026... Their supporters and at least half of the country will buy their

B-S, and view it favorably, or even ‘as necessary’.

The socialist revolution has begun, in America, my friends. It isn’t starting with a bang. It’s starting more subtly...but it has started.

The left is trying to portray Biden and-this-era as the start of something new and big, but...the truth is it’s likely going to take several election cycles and a few more democrat presidents.

Truth be told-Biden’s not going to be able to get much done that is really groundbreaking. The democrats don’t have enough support to end the filibuster and pack the courts and take permanent control of the country.


But they can lay the groundwork.

No one who voted in 2020-voted for this.

In fact, if Joe Biden wouldn’t have won the presidential election (and there’s still a question of whether he really did)

But remember- if the democrats wouldn’t have been able to count that as a victory-they would have had a devastatingly bad 2020 election cycle.

Pelosi lost a big number of house races she was expected to win, and the best they could do was a 50/50 tie in the senate.

We have to keep reminding our lefty friends and relatives: Biden had no coat tails...and he ran as a ‘moderate’. A harmless centrist who it was okay to vote for, because he was harmless, and not trump.


No one voted for this socialist progressive bullying of the sort we are seeing out of this party’s leaders now.

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