Biden is flat out lying about Georgia's election laws

Jay Weber Show transcript 4-2-21 6:10am

A listener emailed yesterday to say- I am genuinely confused as to why these new Georgia election rules are so controversial.

I cannot find where they take us back to the Jim Crow era.

The reason you are confused is that the President, the Democrats, and their activists are genuinely, flat out, lying on this one.

And I don’t use the term lightly.

My friends, over the years, the very ‘verbiage’ of politics has been polluted to the point that factual misstatements-lies-are now labeled as spin, or passed along as just ‘the alternate take’, or ‘the other side of the argument’. They are passed along as equally legitimate takes on an issue, when they are not. They are lies. And they are different than ‘spin’. if I say, ‘today is good Friday, when Christ died for our sins’....and the atheist democrats say ‘today is the day the romans took care of their Jesus problem.’

That’s spin. It’s their different take on ‘Good Friday’.

A lie is a lie, and it should be self-evident. We all know what a lie is-

But – a lie is me saying ‘today is Friday’, and a liberal knowing i am factually correct, but insisting that today is Saturday.

They’re just lying now.

Lies are lies. And in today’s modern era- the democrat party leaders and their activists no longer engage in ‘spin’ so much as they engage in lies.

They aren’t offering an ‘alternative version’ of reality, on issues anymore. They are lying. And the reason this listener is ‘genuinely confused’ as to why they are calling Georgia’s new election rules ‘racist’, or ‘Jim Crow’, is because the listener is searching for some hook, some reason, some evidence, that the new voting rules that have been put in place in Georgia could be labeled as, or viewed as ‘racist.’

And there simply are none.

The tweaks that Georgia officials made to their election laws, in no way, make voting more difficult in Georgia, and in no way, put up new barriers to Blacks or Hispanics voting. There are no rules that are ‘race-specific’ as the Jim Crows were.

The democrats are simply lying, as a way to continue to racially agitate in Georgia, and in larger America. Because they are certain it helps them.

Listen to a Georgia election official who was on fox this week: Gabriel sterling. He was asked a similar question by bill hemmer- what aren’t we seeing here? What’s racially triggering?

Sterling’s response was: we are missing nothing. They are intentionally misrepresenting these changes.

Georgia Election Official: Dems Using Election Bill As Fundraising Tool

So- the only thing people might be missing here-is that democrats are openly and intentionally lying about the changes Georgia republicans just made to firm up their election process...because the democrats know most voters don’t follow current events and won’t investigate the truth. They will just absorb the ‘Jim Crow’ spin, and take it as true.

This is the Stacey Abrahams crowd in Georgia-intentionally- lying as a way to keep racially agitating in that state, because it worked so well for them in 2018 and 2020.

And the dc democrats have seen-and applaud-Abraham’s success in changing the game in Georgia and are trying to take her scheme national.

It is a scheme that is once again predicated on the fact that most democrat and swing voters simply don’t follow along. They don’t pay attention.

They aren’t idiots or ‘low IQ’, necessarily, but they are ‘ignorant’. They just don’t know what they don’t know. They’re simply absorbing what they know about current events as they go along, and so if they hear in passing that Georgia’s republicans just passed racist new election laws, well, okay...then that’s what happened.

This! Is what’s going on? Democrats-and the President of the United States-are simply lying about Georgia’s tweaks to its voter laws.

Biden lied repeatedly about them in a speech the other day, and even the wash post fact checkers were forced to give him their highest rating for ‘liar’....four Pinocchio’s...because nothing he said was true.

no one has any idea where Biden even got that notion, because all Georgia did was implement a rule about not giving out free food and drink near the polling stations-that literally dozens of other states have, including Wisconsin.

You can’t hand out free food or drinks within 150 feet of a Georgia polling station now, is the rule. It’s one way to cut down on ‘voter enticement’, or giving away something of value to lure people to vote in your favor. Dozens of states already have this rule.

Nothing bans Georgia voters from having a drink in their hand as they wait in line to vote.

So Biden simply lied about that, too.

And those are the only specifics he gave as to why Georgia’s voter changes are -not just unfair-but racist!

How do any of those things pertain to race?

They don’t.

Folks-even if Georgia officials had implemented the three rules Biden claims they did- none of them are racist.

Closing the polls at 5pm for everyone.

How would that be racist?

Banning absentee ballots-for everyone.

How would that be racist?

Banning voters from having water in line.

How would that be racist? Are Black people-thirstier?-than White people?

Georgia officials didn’t make-any of the changes- Biden claimed they made, but even if they had, the changes he detailed have nothing to do with race.

So what’s so ‘Jim Crow’ about Georgia’s election laws?

Nothing. It’s an intentional campaign of lies.

Brian Kemp is the governor of Georgia, and has been spending a week now, trying to set the record straight on the changes that were made.

Georgia expanded voter access, it didn’t reduce it, and nothing that was done is race-based.

So why all of the lies about the Georgia voter law?

Because the democrats don’t care what was actually in the bill. All they care about is using the action by the Georgia legislature to smear republicans and continue to racially divide that state, and the country.

That’s why.

And in addition to being a series of lies, folks their rhetoric has been-way!-over the top. To hear democrats and their accomplices in the media tell it, Georgia has just undone the civil rights era.

They are calling a few innocuous changes...Jim Crow 2.0. Because facts and accuracy don’t matter to democrats. Only the smear and the spin do.

That’s it, good listener. You aren’t ‘missing anything’ if you are someone of good faith, like the listener who emailed in, who was struggling to understand what the controversy was about.

We have all sorts of good and honest people on both sides of the political aisle-but particularly on the right- who do want to be fair, and equitable, and charitable, and who-do-want fair and honest elections...

And so when a controversy like this flares up, they are doing their ‘due diligence’. They are googling, reading, researching, trying to determine for themselves whether the story is accurate and the accusations fit the situation.

And I take this listener at face value: I’ve been trying to discover why these Georgia election changes are so controversial. Why they are being labeled as racist and Jim Crow.

What am I missing?

You are missing nothing-other than the fact that the charges are absurd and false, and the democrats-including the president of the united states- are simply (and intentionally) lying to you.

That’s what you’re missing.

Today’s democrat party leaders are bold liars.

They aren’t ‘spinners’.

They don’t just have a ‘different take’ on things.

They aren’t just viewing issues ‘thru a different prism’.

More and more-they are resorting to flat-out lying. Because it works on a ‘low information’ voting electorate.

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