Don’t be fooled. Biden’s massive tax hikes are NOT for real infrastructure

Jay Weber Show transcript 3-30-21

So, as Joe Biden’s team moves to unveil it’s next, grand, sweeping attempt to remake the country...Chuck Schumer is plotting a new way to bypass republican votes and use the reconciliation process for a third time in a single year.

Which is forbidden by senate rules. The rules of the reconciliation process say that it can only be used once a year...but the terrible 1.9-trillion dollar raid on the treasury that bidden called his covid-19 relief bill was actually a hold-over action from 2020...and so....that is how the Dems explained how and why they can use the same reconciliation scheme to pass a second, massive, ugly, package this year...of the sort that they hope will be so radical and transformational that Biden will go down as the second LBJ making...this great society.

And that would be the end of the scummy moves the democrats could use to keep republicans from blocking their agenda items.


Unless...Chuck Schumer can convince the senate parliamentarian that some ‘clean up’ language in the reconciliation rules would allow for a third, massive, no-holds-barred....attempt to block out republicans.

I’ve told you that today’s scummy, dishonest democrats are always scheming, always plotting, always looking for ways to game or cheat the system...

The entire point of the reconciliation process is so that one side or the other cannot dig in and -forever-refuse to pass new budgets.

.The provision Schumer’s clowns are pointing to only allows for cleanup language, on the first bill.

And so-the senate parliamentarian would have to-intentionally- misread and misunderstand the sole intent of the reconciliation bill. I’d call this a real long-shot by Schumer, but, never try to predict what the bureaucrats and lawmakers will do, or try to get away with, in Washington dc.

Meanwhile- Biden’s team is hoping to prop him up as the next LBJ...and keep him lucid enough, long enough, to go out and sell their next big attempt to transform America: a build back better plan that would mean another three trillion dollars in spending.

That’s right: Biden and the libs want to spend at least three trillion dollars, in addition to the two trillion they just wasted on fake covid-19 stimulus, and even then-they aren’t done ‘transforming’ America.

But this package will be unveiled Wednesday, according to the white house, and will be sold in two parts: first- massive spending on global warming fixes that will be sold as ‘infrastructure’ instead of actually fixing our roads and bridges...and free child care and more government freebees....paid for -in perpetuity-by those of us who pay federal income taxes, anymore, which is only about half the country.

This is ‘equity’. This is ‘what’s fair’. Handouts for the lower the expense of the working class. In perpetuity.

Paid for-in part- with three trillion dollars in new tax hikes that Biden’s team will propose as part of the package..

Now- some moderate house democrats have already objected to the new tax increases-and remember- Nancy Pelosi can only afford to lose four votes in her house before she cannot pass anything...

And so that’s an early indication that this is going to be a fight for Pelosi and Schumer to keep their caucuses together-even long enough to pass this via reconciliation...

But the claim is that the Dems might try to get some republican buy-in on the infrastructure part of this- before ramming the rest home via reconciliation.

What isn’t stated by the lefties at politico who wrote this story-is that Biden’s team and the democrats are going out of their way to claim that ‘everything’ is related to climate change.

The Biden admin put the federal government on notice: gave them a directive in January:find ways to engrain climate change into your daily way of thinking. Relate it to every part of what you do, and include it in every budget proposal.

Every part of government and every agency is ‘about climate change’ in the Biden regime.

And so-the big push to the people is going to be ‘climate change and infrastructure are inextricably linked. We cannot create an infrastructure for America’s future....without jamming all sorts of global warming mandates into it...and mandating electric cars and a nationwide network of charging stations, and all the rest.

Be prepared for this ‘infrastructure bill’ to really be nothing more than an overbearing climate change bill infrastructure.

It is how these dishonest, scummy bullies have decided to force their agenda into place.

And the dc media accomplices of theirs, are playing along, of course.

And we on the right cannot hope that Joe Manchin just screws up the works for Chuck Schumer and the democrats on this one: Manchin has said he wants to see a massive infrastructure bill here...and so he’s already on board with the spending even if he’s not entirely on board with all of the tax increases.

I, for one, would love to see Pelosi not even be able to get this past the house because five or six of her house democrats dig in and refuse to budge...but I’m guessing that’s too much to hope for on this one: the party really, really, really wants to pretend that Joe Biden is the next LBJ...and that their moves to ‘transform American society’ will be popular ones.

They will find any way they can to ram this offensive monstrosity home.

The gamble is that passing this infrastructure bill could take most of this year. This could be the last ‘really big thing’ Pelosi and Schumer get to before Christmas, and if republicans can manage to find a way to bollix up the works, or if they cannot get the democrat votes they want on a bunch of things and have to tailor it way back after all sorts of delays and argument...

Well- maybe this all ends with a fizzle around Christmas time...and these same lawmakers come back in January of an election year, unwilling to take on any bigger, controversial legislation.

That’s about all we can hope for, on the right side of the aisle.

Will republicans cave on some of this infrastructure stuff over the summer? Probably.

But can they delay or deny the worst of the trillions of dollars in new spending on sham global warming fixes?

Let’s hope so.

Meanwhile- republicans will have a chance to build a great case against new tax increases and trillions more in spending that we cannot afford, and hopefully, turn the public against this.

At the very least- they can try to make the democrats ‘own’ the worst parts of it, and use it to win back at least one seat in the senate and all sorts of new seats in the house next fall.

The GOP can cripple the rest of this insane socialist agenda if they can just retake control of one chamber of congress next fall.

And hey-we might be aided in our efforts by the new socialists in the Dem party-who are already demanding ten-trillion dollars to be spent on global warming. AOC’s party....

So this could get away from Schumer, Pelosi and Biden-very quickly- as every left wing activist group comes out of the woodwork and makes crazier and crazier ...and angrier and angrier demands.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this is a never-ending nightmare for Pelosi, Schumer, and the democrats for the next two years.