Putrid Pelosi Changes History

Jay Weber Transcript 12-22-20 7:07am

My friends, the putrid Nancy Pelosi told some whoppers of lies yesterday from the house floor. They got media coverage, but I didn’t see a single news outlet that really explained what she was doing...and why she was doing it.

You may have heard about her outrageous claims by now...but we need to add some context that other pundits and reporters missed.

This was Nancy Pelosi on the house floor trying to change history-and explain away why she refused to agree to a covid-19 relief bill until now.

We know what the real reason was-

And very importantly-all of Washington DC knows what the real reason was: people on both sides of the aisle know what Nancy Pelosi was doing all thru the fall ...as she was refusing to agree to more covid-19 help for ailing Americans.

He was refusing to give Donald Trump and the republicans any sort of political win before the election- and she was blocking any aide or help that could have helped the American people. She wanted as many Americans angry and miserable as possible...as she and her MSM accomplices blamed trump.

Everyone in DC knew what was going on-as did the listeners to this show.

So listen to the excuse Pelosi trotted out yesterday as to why the two sides couldn’t agree on more covid-19 relief until now.

She-no kidding-blames trump and his supporters ...who she portrays as Jesus freak crackpots. Listen:

She was excusing away her bad behavior and rewriting history, yes, but why do it on the house floor-in such a formal manner?

Not a single reporter or pundit seemed to understand what she was doing.

Everything Pelosi said there- is a lie.

Not a single part of that is true.

The trump administration followed every bit of advice it got from Fauci and Birx and the CDC when it came to tracing, testing, and treatment.

This white house and its covid-19 task force-led by Mike Pence scoured the globe for PPEs and masks and all the equipment we’d need to do aggressive testing and tracing.

So-this is a flat out lie that Pelosi uses to try to change history and ‘explain’ why they couldn’t come to a second big covid-19 relief deal.

Folks-Trump, his white house, and the GOP leaders quickly agreed to the first covid-19 package that spent about 4-trillion dollars and funded all of those things.Pelosi would have us believe that-suddenly-somewhere around august? Trump and pence and the GOP went all ‘holy roller’ crackpot on her and saidgod would provide and herd immunity would run its course?

That’s unadulterated bull crap...from Pelosi.

And that-is-the second part of this floor speech as Pelosi blames ignorant, back woods hicks....i.e...Trump supporters....for not believing in science.

This is why Pelosi says she couldn’t get a covid-19 relief deal done earlier.

All sorts of Republican pundits and Trump supporters leapt to call that a lie yesterday, after Pelosi said it...

But very few focused on how terribly insulting it is to any Republican voter.Nancy Pelosi showed again-how little respect she has for anyone who isn’t rich and living on the coasts.

We have never heard-anyone- from any part of the GOP tent....say: I am faith oriented, so I don’t believe in science.

What sort of offensive crap is that?

And she-rightly-got shelled for this afterward.

But what was Pelosi-doing?-aside from trying to spin an excuse and change history on her own plan todeny trump a win and keep Americans in misery?

Did anyone catch it?

What Pelosi was doing, folks, was reading her ‘official’ version of what happened into the ‘official’ congressional record.

That’s what Pelosi was doing yesterday- on the house floor-telling some blatant lies that everyone around her and everyone listening in-knew were lies!

Everyone in dc knows why Pelosi and Schumer-really-refused to agree to any more covid-19 relief all thru the fall and right up until the Christmas break.

Everyone who heard this-knows!-Pelosi is lying.So why did she do it?

For her propagandists in the MSM so they will cover it and put out a false truth that makes her look better? Sure..

But for -the historians- who might look back at the official congressional record. That’s who she’s really looking to trick- longer term here.

Our lawmakers routinely go down to the senate or house floor to ‘read something’ into the official congressional record.

This is what Pelosi was-really doing- yesterday.

She assumes that all sorts of historians will be writing all sorts of biographies about her-as the country’s first female speaker of the house and general, all around, twentieth century American hero...that she’s fudging her own record!

This yesterday-was Pelosi leaving a fraudulent ‘official’ record for others in the future to read...just like you’d leave behind a fake diary.

Whoever finds this isn’t going to know any better...so I can put ‘the best version of myself’ on paper and leave it for them.

This is why Pelosi was willing to look so incredibly ridiculous yesterday. She knows her accomplices in the MSM are never going to call her on the blatant and demonstrable lies...and that everyone in dc knows he’s a putrid witch...so...Pelosi loses nothing.

No one in DC could-possibly-think less of her by pulling this stunt.

It was Mitch McConnell who was telling the truth yesterday, and everyone on both sides of the aisle knew it And if you think that’s wrong- take the word of Pelosi’s fellow democrats.

photo credit: Getty Images