Wisconsin voters are warming to Trump, despite impeachment

via The NY Post by Salena Zito

PEWAUKEE, Wis. — Katrina Goetz is fully invested in her community. A wife, mother of three and volunteer, she is also an executive overseeing 65 employees at TLX Technologies in suburban Milwaukee. And yet, in 2016, she did something she’d never done before in her adult life: She refused to vote for president.

Goetz did go to the polls, choosing a candidate for every office on her ballot except the highest one in the land. Though she says she has always voted for Republican candidates since she was 18, she found Donald J. Trump’s rhetoric too off-putting to pull the lever for him.

“I went to the election. I chose not to vote for president. I signed the everybody sucks campaign,” she deadpans.

But in the years that followed, Goetz, 40, has gradually moved from “never Trump” to “probably Trump” for two reasons: 1) She says she likes the results of the president’s economic policies, which have resulted in Wisconsin’s low unemployment rate at 3.3 percent; and 2) She says the current field of Democratic presidential candidates hasn’t persuaded her to choose any of them.

“The platform that they all seem to be running on is, ‘Well, I’m not Trump.’ And it’s like, that’s not winning me,” she said.

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