Politifact: Is Wisconsin a Top 10 state for health care coverage? TRUE

In a Twitter spat with Sen Bernie Sanders, Scott Walker said "Under Democrat control of the state, WI had a waiting list for healthcare coverage under Medicaid. I eliminated the waiting list and everyone living in poverty is now covered, WI is a Top 10 state for healthcare coverage." Politifact compiled data from Kaiser Family Foundation , U.S. News & World Report health care ranking , Commonwealth Fund , and SmartAsset

Politifact ruling

Walker said Wisconsin is a Top 10 state for health care coverage.

The latest raw data on percentage covered shows 95% of Wisconsin residents have health insurance, which is tied for sixth-best in the country.

Two other prominent national rankings list Wisconsin eighth and 11th in combined metrics that examine coverage and healthcare access.

We rate Walker’s claim True.

The complete story here > Is Wisconsin a Top 10 state for health care coverage?

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