NBC's Chuck Todd Actually Gives Trump A Standing Ovation

CHUCK TODD on Meet The Press 5-5-19

"As you may have heard, the economy is doing great. As President Trump likes to reiterate, there are jobs, jobs, jobs. And he's not wrong. Unemployment is at a 50-year low. At 3.6%, it's the lowest unemployment rate since 1969 and unemployment has been at or under 4% for over a year.

So the president should be happy about these numbers but not just because they show a good economy. They may also be his best hope for reelection.

When asked about the president's handling of the economy, a majority, 51%, say they approve of his job performance. Five points higher than his overall job rating. And that means he could be in trouble if the economy were to slump. As always, the president's base is with him.

But without the bump that the strong economy gives him, that base would likely turn into just 39% rather than the 46% he sits at now. "

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