Bernie Sanders is a BLEEPING hypocrite

via CNBC by Dan Mangan

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, for years has drawn a pension for having once been the mayor of Burlington even as he received a salary as a member of Congress. Public disclosure records show that Sanders, who began serving in the U.S. House of Representatives in 1991 and in the Senate in 2007, has received nearly $62,000 in Burlington pension payouts since 2005. One of the co-chairs of the Sanders campaign, Rep. Ro Khanna of California, once blasted then-incumbent Rep. Mike Honda for receiving multiple government pensions while serving in Congress.

The complete story here > Bernie Sanders draws mayoral pension while running for president — his campaign co-chair Rep. Ro Khanna once blasted such ‘double-dipping’

Here's the segment from this morning..

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