Price Tag of Randy Bryce Agenda Tops $50 Trillion

via Maclver by Chris Rochester

MADISON, Wis. – One of the Democrats running against Speaker Paul Ryan could be an expensive choice for voters, if his own rhetoric is to be believed.

Randy Bryce, who likes to milk his public persona as a mustachioed “everyman” iron worker, outlined his economic agenda on Monday at the Wisconsin Council of Machinists. The plan is familiar to anyone versed in far-left big government manifestos – most of it seems to have been plucked straight from the Bernie Sanders platform.

And it comes with a similarly eye-popping price tag: $50 trillion.

Bryce, a candidate for Wisconsin’s First Congressional District, told the union members he supports a $15 minimum wage, increased infrastructure spending, and new regulations on scheduling employees. His website also presents a laundry list of big government schemes ranging from a slate of new regulations on employers, sops to unions, a $1 trillion green energy spending program, and “Medicare For All.”

Long a dream of the far left, “Medicare For All” would create a national single-payer health care system and effectively socialize all of medicine. And it isn’t cheap – the price tag has been pegged at $32 trillion over 10 years, a jaw dropping figure that Bryce struggled to defend on CNN.

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