Progressives panic as millennials flee

via The Washington Times by  Cheryl K. Chumley

Progressives are in a bit of a panic lately, looking at the results of a recent focus group study that shows their core base of millennials are abandoning the leftist ideology in droves, jumping out of the Democratic Party’s ship to take their votes — gasp! — elsewhere.

Why? Apparently, millennials, and particularly millennials of color — of which is 44 percent of that demographic — are sick and tired of being taken for granted.

The chicken’s coming home to roost. Suddenly, blacks aren’t content to simply and automatically pull the poll levers for Democratic Party candidates, or progressives. Now, they’re demanding actual representation. They’re decrying the feeling of being “taken for granted,” according to results from a focus group conducted by the Civic Engagement Fund in Florida and Wisconsin.

Here’s the line that really slaps, though.

“You’re damn right, I don’t have any loyalty to Democrats,” one participant in the Florida focus group said, in The Hill. “If Republicans want to get real about shit that’s happening in my community, I would vote for every one of them. Then maybe Democrats would take us serious too.”

What’s astonishing about the statement is that Democrats, progressives and pretty much anyone running for political office with a left-leaning vision and platform could bank on the support of blacks and other minorities. The overall attitude was: Well, who else would they vote for — a Republican?

This research shows yes. Maybe.

The  complete story here > Progressives panic as millennials flee: ‘You damn right, I don’t have any loyalty to Democrats’

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