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Dan O'Donnell

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Milwaukee Just Can't Afford Fireworks This Year

Why Trump's rally in the Bronx Matters

The left is absolutely freaking out about former President Trump's big rally in the Bronx and Dan knows why. Plus, on this Friday before Memorial Day, Dan reads the names of audience members' loved ones who died in service to this country.

Another Round of Biden's Desperate Voter Bribes

President Biden, who is totally confident about his reelection, announced another round of bribes in the form of student loan payments.

The Devastating Impact of Fast Food Inflation

Out-of-control inflation in fast food is having a massive impact on family budgets. Plus, Biden's brain glitches so badly he turns into Billy Joel during a speech in Delaware.

A Special 'No Politics' Interview with Eric Hovde

Wisconsin Senate candidate Eric Hovde joins the show for a full hour to talk about life, philosophy and pretty much everything EXCEPT politics.

Biden's Weekend of Pandering

President Biden delivers some grade-a pandering while speaking to graduates at Morehouse College and workers at the NAACP, but the fact that he has to confirms what the polling has been showing for months.

A Bizarre Friday & Congressman Byron Donalds

Dan notices that pretty much every story in the news today--from Scottie Scheffler's arrest to Jasmine Crockett's congressional meltdown--belongs in "How Bizarre." Plus, rising GOP star Byron Donalds joins the show ahead of his appearance at the Republican Party of Wisconsin convention this weekend.

Introducing State Senator Chris Larceny

Democrat Wisconsin Senator Chris Larson delivers a vile anti-cop screed on the Senate floor, so Dan uses the occasion to remind listeners of Larson's own long history of dealings with law enforcement, earning the esteemed Senator a brand new nickname.

The Ballad of Lucinda Reer

Dan wonders while an extremely relevant detail has been left out of all mainstream media reporting on a drag queen cupcake story hour in Menomonee Falls. Plus, a tremendous opportunity to get involved in politics and get out the vote in your own neighborhood.

Ballot Drop Boxes are and Have Always Been Illegal

The liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court appears poised to reinstate ballot drop boxes, but there is absolutely no statutory justification for them. In other words, the Supreme Court wants to again simply ignore state law.