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Exclusive New Footage Shows Migrants Sleeping Outside of McAllen Facility

Exclusive video provided to "The Dan O'Donnell Show" illustrates just how bad the migrant surge really is, as the US Border Patrol Central Processing Center in McAllen, TX is so crowded that migrants are being forced to sleep outside without even a tent to protect them from the elements.

"It is absolutely staggering," the source said.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is part of a congressional delegation at the border and agrees with that assessment.

"The Border Patrol says that last night alone there were 2,900 apprehensions in the 56 mile Rio Grande Valley border area," Johnson said. "There were 300 known 'got aways.' Because CBP is so overwhelmed dealing with the people who are in custody, it's not known how many people actually get away in a given night. There were 40,000 known 'got aways' in the Tucson, Arizona sector over the past two months."

The recent surge at the southern border began after President Biden signed an executive order revoking the Migrant Protection Protocols, which required that asylum seekers remain in Mexico while their claims are processed.

"That is the reason why we're seeing so many more people coming," retired Customs and Border Patrol Deputy Chief Ron Colburn, the agency's former second-in-command, told "The Dan O'Donnell Show" Friday.

During a press conference Thursday, Biden dismissed the idea that migrants were coming because of a perception that he would allow them to stay, but both Colburn and multiple sources at the border rejected this.

"That's just not true," one source said. "This is entirely Biden's crisis.

"It's the worst it's ever been, and the Biden Transition Team knew it," Senator Johnson added. "They asked Border Patrol how they could prevent a surge once Biden was inaugurated and they were told not to end the Migrant Protection Protocols. They did the exact opposite. This crisis was predictable and predicted."

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