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Second Biden Elector in Wisconsin Falsely Claimed Indefinite Confinement

A second presidential elector who cast one of Wisconsin's ten electoral votes for Joe Biden in Madison this week falsely claimed to be indefinitely confined to her home and likely committed election fraud, "The Dan O'Donnell Show" has discovered.

A Wisconsin Elections Commission list of indefinitely confined voters shows that Shelia Stubbs, a Democratic State Representative in Madison, claimed indefinite confinement even though she has actively campaigned for re-election this fall and has been active in her family's church.

Under Wisconsin Statute 6.86(2), voters may list themselves as "indefinitely confined because of age, physical illness or infirmity” or if they are “disabled for an indefinite period." This allows them to have absentee ballots automatically mailed to them without having to show photo identification in accordance with Wisconsin's Voter ID Law.

The number of voters who claimed indefinite confinement jumped 238 percent this year after Dane County Clerk Scott McDonnell and Milwaukee County Clerk George Christianson unlawfully told all voters that because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic they could claim this status regardless of whether they themselves were actually confined to their homes because of illness or disability.

Stubbs was clearly not confined to her home this year, as she attended Monday's Electoral College vote at the Wisconsin State Capitol.

A review of Stubbs' Facebook page shows that she has attended political and campaign events as well as services at her family's church in Madison throughout the year, thereby indicating that she was at no point confined to her home for an indefinite period of time. So unconcerned was she about risks to her physical health during the ongoing pandemic that she even posed for a picture on August 17th with fellow Democratic state representatives, none of whom were wearing masks.

By falsely claiming to be indefinitely confined, Stubbs very likely committed election fraud, which Wisconsin Statute 12.13 provides can involve making "false statements to the municipal clerk, board of election commissioners, or any other election official whether or not under oath."

Additionally, the absentee ballot application form that Stubbs signed includes a warning that to voters that making "false statements in order to obtain an absentee ballot" is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine "of not more than $1,000, not more than six-months imprisonment or both."

Stubbs has not yet responded to repeated requests for comment.

She is the second of 10 Biden electors in Wisconsin to have falsely claimed indefinite confinement. On Monday, "The Dan O'Donnell Show" reported that outgoing Democratic State Senator Patty Schachtner also likely committed election fraud when she claimed to be indefinitely confined to her home yet traveled 250 miles from her house in northwestern Wisconsin to the State Capitol in Madison for the Electoral College vote.

Schachtner's Facebook page also showed that she repeatedly left home for campaign events and leisure activities throughout the year.

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