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Wauwatosa Alderwoman Maintains Profane, Unhinged Twitter Account

Update: Alderwoman Kuhl deleted the account after "The Dan O'Donnell Show" emailed her questions about it

Wauwatosa Alderwoman Heather Kuhl maintains a secret Twitter account in which she routinely posts extremely profane, largely unhinged attacks on President Trump, Republicans, and pretty much anyone who disagrees with her.

The bio for @BeerDudesWife, which multiple sources tell "The Dan O'Donnell Show" is Kuhl's account, reads "Don't be an a**hole." It seems as though Kuhl should take her own advice. Since launching the account in 2015, she has tweeted dozens of vile, hateful missives.

The name of the account, "Vanilla Vixen," is a reference to Vanilla Vixen Cakes--a bakery that Kuhl once owned. The profile picture is of Kuhl wearing a knit squid-like mask that covers her face, and and she has made several oblique references to her role as a member of the Wauwatosa Common Council but has not publicly identified herself as the owner of the account.

Last week, in response to the threat of rioting in response to a decision not to file criminal charges against Wauwatosa Police officer Joseph Mensah, she tweeted that "every conservative sh** stain that is using OUR city as a f***ing Drumpf talking point can shove it up their a** sideways. This is PERSONAL for us. We love our family owned businesses...but we also love Black people and understand that windows are easier to repair than bodies."

Following the death of liberal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Kuhl tweeted about how upset she was that Senate Mitch McConnell was planning to confirm President Trump's replacement.

President Trump is the most frequent target of her rage, as she has posted or retweeted dozens of profane tweets about him.

Over the past several months, she has also posted truly bizarre screeds about fellatio, menstruation, and what she has fantasized about telling her critics.

Kuhl has not yet responded to a request for comment. While she has never publicly confirmed that the account is hers, she has made several veiled references to her work as an alderwoman that identify her as its owner. In one June tweet, she bragged about not responding to an email from News/Talk 1130 WISN talk show host "Mark belling [sic] 10 min before his show starts." Belling has been one of Kuhl's most vocal critics.

Kuhl is a controversial figure in Wauwatosa who has come under fire in recent months for her advocacy of unrest in Wauwatosa over Mensah, who has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the shooting deaths of three criminal suspects in the past five years.

In August, a mob (which included Democratic State Representative David Bowen) violently assaulted Mensah and his girlfriend--a Milwaukee Police officer--at their home. Three men have been charged in that assault, during which one of them fired a shotgun into the home.

Critics allege that Kuhl has been a cheerleader for these violent demonstrations and has invited them into the Wauwatosa community with her consistent anti-police rhetoric.

While a number of her tweets have focused on protesting and racial justice issues in recent months, she devoted most of her attention to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and blaming Republicans for it.

Kuhl did, however, expose her own hypocrisy. Although she publicly expressed strong support for Governor Evers' "Safer at Home" order and has encouraged people to avoid bars and restaurants during the pandemic, she tweeted in March that had Coronavirus hit in 2000, she "totally would have been the d**k 25 yr old out drinking."

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