Lt. Gov. Barnes Botches Biden's Name During DNC Speech

Wisconsin has apparently pledged 67 delegates to "Joseph Videns." Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes flubbed the Democratic presidential nominee's name during his brief speech announcing the state's vote during the Democratic National Convention Tuesday night. He also accidentally claimed that the "more just future" Democrats want for America is one that battles "racial and economic justice."

"In the pursuit of a more just future, one that recognizes health care as a human right, one that tackles the climate crisis, and takes on racial and economic justice," he said, "Wisconsin casts 30 votes for Bernie Sanders and 67 for the next President of the United States of America, Joseph Videns...Joseph R. Biden."

The mistake happened during the DNC's traditional roll call of states that formally nominates a candidate for president. During the nearly all-virtual convention this year, each state's delegation sent a video announcing its vote. Barnes, unlike every other state's representative, spoke live from the Wisconsin Center.

Dressed in a tan suit that seems to have been selected to invoke former President Barack Obama, Barnes saw this as his moment in the national spotlight. Unfortunately for him, he isn't nearly as skilled as Obama at reading a teleprompter.

Barnes had a sense of humor about his embarrassing gaffe, though, tweeting his congratulations "to all the Joe Bidens...on your official nomination."

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