'Governor Evers' Explains His Tax Cut Veto

Once again, the very real, definitely-not-a-parody Governor Evers appears on The Dan O'Donnell Show, this time to explain why he vetoed a middle class tax cut bill that he himself proposed.

Seriously, why doesn't the Governor want tax relief for middle class Wisconsinites if it's not accompanied by corresponding tax hikes on farmers and manufacturers? Well, as The Dan O'Donnell Show learned, Evers really, really wants to stick it to those fat cat farmers!


My fellow Wisconsinites, I know I promised you a middle class tax cut. And I know the Republican Legislature actually gave you a middle class tax cut. And I know I vetoed it. And I know that kind of makes me a liar. But trust me, that tax cut wasn’t all that great. Think about it: Sure, you would have been able to keep a lot more of your own money, but we wouldn’t have been able to screw the rich. And what good is any policy that doesn’t screw the rich? Like take for example those fat cat farmers. I wanted to raise taxes on them to give to hard-working people like you. Sure, the median salary for farmers in this country is only $66,000 but trust me, they’re rich. They have multiple buildings on their properties—a house and a barn and sometimes even a silo. And they can afford luxuries that you can’t, like multiple pets. Some farmers have literally hundreds of pet cows or pet chickens that regular folks could never afford. And many of them own ultra-expensive vehicles from such high-end brands as John Deere, Husqvarna, and Case IH. Those machines do most of the work for these fat-cat farmers like tilling, planting, and harvesting. Tell me, do you have machines that do your work for you? Of course not. That’s why we need to screw them in order to give you a tax cut, because really, a tax cut isn’t worth it if you can’t screw someone you’re jealous of. That’s just basic fairness.

Dan O'Donnell

Dan O'Donnell

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