DNA Tests Reveal Sean Duffy's Shameful Lies About His Heritage

This brings me no joy to report, but I must report it nonetheless. Republican Congressman Sean Duffy has been lying to the good people of Wisconsin about his heritage, and we here at The Dan O'Donnell Show have the DNA test to prove it.

I secretly swabbed Congressman Duffy during an event we attended together this past spring, and now I can tell you that DNA tests I conducted on that swab prove that Duffy has not been honest about his background at all.

It turns out that while he has portrayed himself as a lumberjack--even appropriating lumberjack culture by appearing in lumberjack competitions--his DNA test reveals that Duffy is only 1/512th lumberjack. Perhaps even more troubling, because of his appearance on The Real World, Duffy's test shows that he shares 1/1,024th of his DNA with notorious Season 3 villain Puck.

Listen as we break the news to Congressman Duffy as well as his hilarious reaction plus his take on the midterm elections and whether there will be a "Kavanaugh Effect" that boosts Republicans.   

Dan O'Donnell

Dan O'Donnell

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