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Police Union President Blasts Barrett Over Sterling Brown Arrest Response

Milwaukee Police Association President Mike Crivello is blasting Mayor Tom Barrett's response to the arrest of Milwaukee Bucks guard Sterling Brown outside of a Walgreen's early Friday morning.

In a post on the Police Association's website, Crivello claims that Brown was "afforded special treatment during [his] booking process" because of his "celebrity status."  Crivello criticizes Barrett's call for a "quick investigation" as well as what Crivello believes was the lack of a "statement of support" for the Milwaukee Police officers who arrested Brown from Mayor Barrett, Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn, or the Milwaukee Common Council.

"WHERE IS THE LEADERSHIP?" Crivello asks. "Equal treatment under the law… Chief, how about a statement of support? Buck’s leadership is supporting their guy – quite honest [he] looks to be 100% in the wrong! Of course, that is my non-investigated opinion; however, IT IS based in confident knowledge of the professionalism of those fine officers that serve this city."

Over the weekend, Mayor Barrett talked with FOX 6 about Brown's arrest.

"I've talked to Peter Feigin, the president of the Milwaukee Bucks. I've also talked to the MPD," Barrett said. "My understanding is that no charges are going to be filed. It's also my understanding that an investigation is in place right now."

The Milwaukee Police Department is investigating the incident as well as the use of force during the arrest.

News/Talk 1130 WISN broke the news of Brown's arrest Friday.  A source told WISN's Dan O'Donnell that Brown became combative and "freaked out" when he saw officers ticketing his car, which was illegally double parked across two handicapped spaces at the Walgreen's at S. 26th St. and W. National Ave. at about 2:00 Friday morning.

The source's version of events is consistent with what Crivello believes happened.

"To be clear, the offender was not arrested solely for illegally parking a vehicle – his action determined the outcome!!" Crivello said.  "Think about it: vehicle cross-parks in front of a business… robbery get-away-vehicle, irresponsible uncaring individual, or maybe a motorist under duress; our officers investigation was absolutely appropriate! …should we not expect cooperation & SUPPORT?" 

Neither Barrett nor Flynn nor any Milwaukee Common Council member has responded to Crivello's statement.

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