“Equipped for Christ”

Authenticity for Christ

Our society doesn’t welcome authenticity. Instead, we’re force-fed messages of how we should act, or about how success is defined by money or appearances. Little surprise that this flies in the face of Scripture’s guidance. Nyiesha Harrington, CEO of Women Arise International, contends that the Bible calls us to be authentic. Aren’t we created in God’s image? Why seek to change this? The Apostle Paul wrote about how to live an authentic Christian life. She details his top three pieces of advice for doing so.

11-12-22 - Associating With Christ’s Followers

Too many Christians do life alone. They’re BUSY, OK? Or, to spell out the acronym, Buried Under Satan’s Yoke. Bob Willbanks, CEO of G7 Networking, which connects Christian professionals, says that we should actively connect with people who draw us closer to God. Not associating with fellow Christians hinders our spiritual development. How do we identify them? Scripture, as usual, has the answers. Just look at Proverbs for the seven characteristics of people who strengthen our spiritual core.

“Christ’s Women”

Many women feel conflicted these days. Society constantly sends mixed messages about who they should be, and how they should live. How can women define their identity amid all the confusion? Diane Paddison, founder of 4Word, contends that, because of this uncertainty, far too few women realize their God-given potential. Scripture provides clear guidance on who women should be. When led to uncover and realize their abilities, women become whom God wants them to be.

10-29-22 - Surrendering Christ’s Talents

We all have unique talents – each one a gift from God. How should we use them to glorify His name? Dupe Aleru, speaker, author and founder of Davi Creative, has a clear idea: To maximize our talents, she says, we must surrender them to God. Give them up. Let Him use our abilities to further His purposes. This is our ultimate calling. We were all created on purpose, for a purpose. Surrendering our talents to God fulfills His design for each of us.

10-22-2022 - Churches for Christ

Churches face a host of challenges in an ever-more secular society. Declining membership and unrelenting pressure from critics are oft cited. Author and speaker Patrick Yanke, founder of Yanke Academy, believes the bigger issue lies elsewhere. Many churches, he contends, aren’t meeting customers’ expectations. Rather than employing a Biblical worldview, they follow society’s leads. The result? Attendees don’t get the spiritual growth and support they seek. How can this be corrected?

10-15-2022 - Inspiration from Christ

Mud as a spiritual tool? Listening with our eyes? Opening metaphorical doors? What in the world do they have in common? Show host Paul M. Neuberger explains how these odd, disparate concepts are linked by a common theme: inspiration. There’s no tried-and-true method to find God. He works in ways we don’t always expect. Are we open-minded enough to perceive them?

10-8-2022 - “Faith in Christ”

All Christians believe in God. Whether all have faith – a belief in the unseen, and confidence that God’s promises will reach fruition – is different altogether. Life’s challenges, especially amid the storms of society, can make faith hard to come by. Longtime Milwaukee radio host Steve “The Homer” True focuses on Proverbs 3:5-6 to explain how we can live anchored in faith, and follow its principles. Are you prepared to “trust in the Lord with all your heart,” and have Him “make your paths straight?”

10-1-22 - Disciples of Christ

Scripture is abundantly clear on the importance of discipleship. The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) commands us to “make disciples of all nations.” How do we, as devoted and flawed followers of Christ, do so? Are there techniques or tactics we should know? K.J. Johnson, director of the C.S. Lewis Institute, walks through the six characteristics of discipleship identified in Scripture. To obey the Great Commission, we should stop looking inward, and instead follow God’s directive.

9-24-22 - Purity in Christ

Christians can sometimes be their own worst enemies. An example is the “purity test,” where people, churches and Christian organizations argue over who adheres most purely to the Word. This conflict unnecessarily pulls the Christian community apart, says Jason Brown, President and CEO of Marketplace Chaplains. The discord creates an opening that evil rushes to fill. Christians should instead focus on their similarities and areas of agreement, he argues. Unity will create purity in the eyes of all.