“Defenders of Christ”

“Redemption Through Christ"

Anyone can beat a 6-year-old in Monopoly … but what’s been achieved? The same principle applies to the mission of “Covering the World in Christ.“ Why target the souls of those who already follow God? Shouldn’t we strive to reach those who haven’t heard His Word … and need to? Sammy Perez, a former convict and now the director of Grassroots for Prison Fellowship, says that anyone – including prisoners – can be saved. No one is a lost cause. These victories are possible … if we just make the effort.

“Devil’s Gonna Run”

We are being hunted - constantly. Satan is on our heels. Scripture warns often of his tireless pursuit. We don’t always recognize the predation, though. It’s hidden under cloaks of sophistication and deviousness. Show host Paul M. Neuberger admits that, just a few years ago, he was in Satan’s clutches. He escaped … but it wasn’t easy. Paul explains how to spot Satan’s signposts. As importantly, he details how to turn the tables, and put the Devil on the run.

“Christian Servant Leadership”

“Servant leadership” enjoys tremendous popularity. The idea that leaders actually serve those under their care has widespread appeal. How about kicking it up a notch - to “Christian servant leadership,” where Christ is at the center of a leader’s service? Jeremy Bock, Executive Director of the Center for Christian Leadership at Wisconsin Lutheran College, explains the six qualities of Christian servant leadership detailed in Scripture. Jesus, he contends, exemplifies how we achieve success by helping others do so.

“Commonality in Christ”

Christianity is under attack on many fronts. Its defense, if it exists at all, often sputters. The attacking secular forces are united. Christians all too often get caught up in inter-denominational struggles and other “holy wars.” Ron Potter, a leader with the faith-based Challenge Golf Association, contends that Christians have far more commonalities than differences. Rallying them around a common cause – just as his organization does with Christians and golf – is key to responding, and winning.

“Truth in Christ”

Secularists have long advocated that faith and science can’t coexist. You must believe one or the other, they say. Notice how this premise is pushed by men – not God? Jay Seegert, a scientist and managing director of The Starting Point Project, explains why this alleged binary dilemma is a fallacy. Scripture repeatedly evidences that God wants us to learn about the world. Could it be that God is pro-science … and man anti-God?

“Training for Christ”

Many of us understand the concept of “training” in pursuit of a goal. The preparation is typically physical and/or mental in nature. We set a goal, and figure out the regimen. So how do we “train” spiritually to ensure our place in Heaven? Keith Mason, a former champion professional rugby player turned actor and fitness model, explains how his most important daily training is spiritually oriented. The ensuing conversation details the seven Scripture-based steps to training from a faith perspective. Is there any higher goal?

“Selling Christ”

Sales is a career full of roadblocks and potholes. Becoming good at sales takes monumental persistence, including learning to overcome objections and negative perceptions from others. If we follow the Great Commission, though, we have to “sell” Christ. The prospect can be daunting. Tamara Bunte, author and sales trainer for Fortune 500 companies, explains ideas and best practices for “selling” Christ to those who don’t know Him. It’s the most important sales job ever … and we’re all tasked with fulfilling it.

“Purpose Through Christ”

God has a purpose for all of us. Don’t believe it? Consider Danny Gokey, the Grammy-nominated Gospel singer and former “American Idol” finalist. He suffered tremendous personal tragedy when, on the pinnacle of achieving career success, his young wife died. He talks about how this and other trials were part of the larger purpose God had planned for him, and how they led to an amazingly blessed life. God will carve the route for us to achieve His purpose. Embrace its challenges – don’t curse them. Don’t miss Danny’s performance Feb. 9 at the Covering the World in Christ Celebration in West Bend, Wis.!

“Shepherds for Christ”

Many stories in the Bible center on shepherds and their herds. These aren’t just metaphors. Mark Whitacre, Executive Director of t-factor, a faith-oriented leadership initiative of Coca-Cola Consolidated, strongly believes that Christians have a calling to be shepherds of God’s flock. He examines the eight qualities identified in Scripture (John 10:1-18) for these “shepherds” to possess. God wants us to be good stewards of our relationships. Are you minding your flock, keeping them safe and loved?