“Christ’s Explorers”

“Integrating Christ”

“Be who you are.” “Live your life.” “Do your thing.” Society tells us to live freely and openly … except in matters of faith. Exuberantly proclaim love for and belief in God, and you’ll likely be asked to quiet down. Why the double standard? More so, why do believers acquiesce to it? You’re either His, or you’re not. Jackie Johnson, Director of Growth at Workmatters, contends there’s no middle ground. Focus instead on integrating Christ into all you do. Five pieces of advice will help us stand up for our beliefs.

“Catching Christ”

Anyone who’s played sports can catch a ball – but can they hang onto it? Metaphorically, many people “catch” Christ at some point. They build a relationship with Him. When adversity hits, though – and God’s will is questioned – they let go. Former NFL wide receiver David Tyree, a hero of Super Bowl 42 with his iconic “Helmet Catch,” hangs onto Christ by living boldly and unapologetically for Him. Eight Scripture verses guide us on how to resist dropping this all-important relationship.

“Building Bridges for Christ”

In two books of the New Testament, Jesus tells a parable about a shepherd leaving his flock of 99 sheep to find one gone astray. Similarly, society has many “lost sheep” in its midst. The Great Commission directs us to reach out to, and create relationships with, these non-believers. Nick Galezewski, Executive Director of Basics in MKE, works to connect entities in the Milwaukee area - people, churches, business and organizations - with Christ. Seven best practices teach us how to build similar bridges.

“In the Game for Christ”

The world is full of Monday morning quarterbacks – those who ceaselessly second-guess others’ actions after the fact. Most are spectators in life. Doers achieve. Watchers find reasons to criticize. The faith community has its share of spectators, who question beliefs yet rarely advance God’s kingdom on earth. Author and speaker Wes Chamberlain played six seasons of Major League Baseball, and now is fully “in the game” for Jesus. Six practices can get us off the bench, and playing on God’s team.

“Crusaders for Christ”

“Crusade” is a term rarely used these days. Yet its meaning – to fight vigorously for change – is alive and well, often carried out by activists aligned with political or social causes. So, where are the Christian crusaders? Is it possible the heavenly definition of “crusade” actually means surrendering all to Christ? Tracey Ann Whitehill, founder of Crusaders Valor for Veterans, knows about giving all for a cause. Five steps can allow us to fully surrender to Christ, so that He can cover the world in His glory.

“The Journey for Christ”

Christians live amid storms. We often see life destinations – marriage, career achievements, having children – as harbors to calm turbulent waters. Yet, once amid smoother seas, we rarely find the anticipated happiness. What if, instead, we sought fulfillment in life’s journey? Can we seek to follow a path that leads us to whom God wants us to be? Kelley Tyan, a coach and podcaster with Addicted to the Climb, shares her perspective on loving the journey of life. Six practices can help clear the route.

“Action for Christ”

Christians are good at being faithful. They hold their beliefs close to their heart. Yet, is it enough to believe? Does faith deserve action? Such as, are we praying, or spending time in Scripture? Are we reaching out to others, and honoring the Great Commission? We can put faith into action –as Elli Oswald, Executive Director of Faith to Action, does by supporting families in crisis whose children might otherwise be in orphanages. Ten best practices can allow us to act out our faith - and strengthen our relationship with Jesus.

“Christ’s Vision Statement”

Ever see horses wearing blinders during a parade? They block the animals’ peripheral vision, preventing them from being spooked by perceived threats. Applied to humans, blinders have a negative connotation – “Take your blinders off!” Yet, Christians are well served when wearing spiritual blinders. As our vision stays fixed on the cross and God’s kingdom, life’s unholy distractions fade away. Tyrone Morrison, a pastor and motivational speaker, talks about how to live our lives with 20/20 Christian vision

“Christ’s Children”

Jesus had a soft spot for kids. He gathered them around him, noting that children have a special place in heaven. Just as we adults have a childlike dependency on our Holy Father, children are completely dependent on adults who care for them. All of us need protection, young and old. Herbie Newell, President of Lifeline Children’s Services, understands how vulnerable children can be. Scripture offers eight means by which to spiritually protect every child. Are we using them effectively?