Joe Biden is making your life better?

What we are seeing in the coverage of the Biden Administration is not perspective, it’s not bias, it’s not gaslighting, it is outright lying to the American people. 

Joe Biden has done more to radically change this country in 120 days than any president before. But somehow, we’re being told ‘all is well,’ and ‘President Joe is great.’

Jill Filipovic had a piece yesterday at CNN called Biden’s Progressive Policies are Making Lives Better. 

She writes:

Joe Biden's approval numbers are stunning, with 63% of Americans saying in a new Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll that they approve of the job he's doing, overall. Americans particularly like his handling of the pandemic, with 71% saying they approve. Notably, that includes 47% of Republicans.

This puts Biden's approval ratings for his first 112 days well over Trump's, for example, who never crossed the 50% threshold in an AP-NORC poll. Why stunning? Biden's approval numbers have been consistently high -- even ticking up slightly -- at the same time as his policy agenda has gotten increasingly progressive and ambitious. In March, AP-NORC polling already had his approval at 61%. It appears that his steady, competent leadership is paying off -- even as he tacks left.

This is good news, and not just for the Biden administration. It's also an indication that Americans still have the capacity to look beyond partisan ideology and assess whether a given leader's decisions have improved their lives.

Improved their lives?

Is your life better under Joe Biden? Is your job more secure? Are you paying less for gas, groceries, toilet paper or paper towels? No, you’re not. If you live in the southeast you are not only paying more for gas, you can’t find gas at your local gas station. 

Biden canceled America’s emergency independence, put thousands of people out of work, has kept millions more out of work, and has driven inflation up by printing more and more money to fund his progressive ideology. 

Former labor secretary and Hardee's boss Andy Puzder wrote about the contrast over at Fox News. 

There’s a simple rule in economics – you do more business when you’re open than when you’re closed. Applying that rule to today’s economy, you will do more business in a year when you are coming out of a pandemic and opening up the economy than you did in a year when you were going into a pandemic and shutting down the economy. 

So, all that President Biden and his Democratic allies had to do, for the jobs market to take off at or near historic levels was… do nothing, stupid. But, unfortunately, the temptation was too great.

He talks about the over-generous unemployment benefits and its impact on workers. And then Puzder gets to the point. 

In April at an Albuquerque, New Mexico Sonic restaurant workers posted a sign saying "We are short-staffed. Please be patient with the staff that did show up. No one wants to work anymore." 

In Florida, a McDonald’s owner offered applicants $50 just to interview for a job. He still had trouble finding workers. 

If you’re wondering whether this is a real thing, just go to any local business and ask whoever is there, assuming the people who showed up have the time to speak with you. 

Your life is likely not better under Biden. Particularly if you are a small business owner or you shop at small businesses. 

Twitter radicals, university types, hyper-partisan nags, and folks on the public dole are doing fine. But the rest of the country is not. 

We went from a booming economy under President Trump to malaise in under two years. You can blame coronavirus for that, but look at who drove the coronavirus shutdowns. And look at who is continuing them. 

Joe Biden, with his phone and pen and dedication to a progressive mentality has set this country back. He’s made millions of lives worse. And he’s done it in a little more time than it takes to grow tomatoes. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images