Elections Have Consequences: The Progressive Left Pushes Long Lock Downs

Jay Weber Show transcript 11-20-20 7:40 am

If you think America’s governors are going crazy with the lockdowns...be grateful that you don’t live in South Australia. The police there have everyone in ‘at home confinement’ and have just made it clear...no, you can’t even go outside to walk your dog or get exercise. No.

Only 22 people have it-but- the lockdown is so severe that little‘ puddles’ has to poop on the carpet...cuz’ he’s not going outside.

This move has the south Australia PD enduring international condemnation on social media but hey...way too many Americans are willing to give away our rights and sit silently.

And we have way too many people who call themselves Americans who are willing to be the totalitarian bullies who take them away.

Yesterday- AOC suggested that the best way to combat this virus would be with a shutdown of the entire country...and ‘no worries’. The government can just pay everyone’s paychecks until it’s all clear.

I am not exaggerating. Both the Bronx dingbat and the Minnesota moron....Ihlan Omar...are proposing this as a serious idea.

What would it cost to pay every American’s salary for four to six weeks?

I assume she’d want a shutdown at least that long. That’s the timeframe that two members of Joe Biden’s task force are talking about: at least four to six weeks-

So what would it cost us to pay every American’s paycheck for that duration? Five-trillion? More?

And who pays for it?

See-this is where AOC, Omar, and the lefties reveal themselves to be complete morons: who pays for it?

Well. Government does.

No. Government doesn’t pay for anything. The people who-fund-government pay for it.

These would all need to be taxpayer dollars. So AOC’s plan is for-all of us- who generate the money that pays for government...should stop working? But still pay ourselves our salaries as well as pay for all of the other loafers on a govt. check?

How does that work? The country grinds to a halt. No one has any money coming in. No one is paying taxes into the federal or state treasuries because nothing’s moving.

But...’government’ should just generate paychecks for all of us until covid-19 is over?

Does that sound reasonable?

The only way to cover those-massive-costs would be to borrow it from our great grandchildren...correct? Just add five or ten trillion dollars onto the national credit card and take the national debt from 24 trillion up to 30 trillion?

Sure why not. AOC’s got a plan.

What an idiot.

No-what we should do- is stop being fools and ninnies- and start ‘living’ with covid-19 and being realistic about it. This is such a deadly disease that 99 percent of people who get it- won’t die from it-and about 40 percent of people who get it- don’t even know they have it!

We do not need more lockdowns or slowdowns. We need to shift our war footing...and ramp up the therapeutics and plasma treatments and make sure our hospitals are well staffed and well stocked...and put our energy and efforts there.

And by the way- I thought the WI media missed a pretty big story when Robin Vos was on my show Monday and made the same statement.

I asked him if any level of infection could get bad enough that he’d support more shutdowns and closures and he said no.

I realize he’s not the governor but given the Supreme Court ruling that clarified that the Wisconsin legislature needs to approve of any of Gov. Evers’ future lock down orders...

I’d say this was rather big news. A significant reassurance to the employers and business owners in our state.

So....red state governors...and those lawmakers like Vos who are in a position to block any future lockdowns...are starting to reassure the public that it won’t happen in their states.

I think that’s big.

We need to get beyond these blue state governors who are still using ‘April’s science’ and won’t acknowledge that our understanding of this virus has changed. Schools can-and should-be open to in-person learning. Businesses don’t need to shut down. Even as we deal with a rise in cases.

The residents of Illinois and Michigan-and now Minnesota- are furious that their unthinking governors have put them back into a state of lockdown. Michigander’s are so furious they are talking about impeaching and removing Gov Whitmer.

The taking away of thanksgiving is the one that tickles me: these Dems think they have such unlimited powers that they can dictate to us how many people we have in our homes...who can travelfrom private residence to private residence...whether relatives can drive in from out-of-state.

And nothing they suggest is too outrageous: if your family comes in from elsewhere they’ll need to quarantine for two weeks.

You gotta have your gathering with fewer than six people and outside...in the Minnesota winter. Can’t even go inside to go to the bathroom. Set up a bucket in the bushes...

And they expect us, as independent, thinking, adults to follow those rules? Find them reasonable? To combat a virus that-does not kill- 99 percent of the people who get it?

This is lockdown lunacy.

And -I understood the overreaction and lockdown in spring. We had no idea what was coming and it looked bad.

But now that we have a very good idea of what this virus is-and isn’t. And who it really affects or kills....and doesn’t....

New lock downs aren’t just ‘unwarranted’...they’re obviously wrongheaded.

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