Rules for thee, not for me

It’s never the thing that gets you in trouble, it’s always the lie. 

Our liberal government masters are amazed and frustrated that we, the common folk, will not abide by their rules to shelter in place, ignore grandma, cancel our holiday plans, wear a mask constantly, and live by their every whim. They don’t understand why we simply won’t do what we are told. 

But then they go and do as they please. They don’t socially distance. They don’t skip meals and get togethers. They don’t miss paychecks or meaningful work. And they don’t live by their own rules. 

It is one thing to ask people to sacrifice for the greater good. It is another thing to tell us to sacrifice when you are unwilling to do anything close to the same. 

Case and point, California Gov. Gavin Newsom. 

The DailyWire has the write-up. 

The Sacramento Bee editorial board ripped into Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) after it was reported that he attended a multi-family dinner in early November, the kind of event he has encouraged Californians to avoid amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

In the Saturday editorial, the board accused Newsom of engaging in “layers of bad judgement,” pointing to the exorbitant cost of the meal — typically hundreds of dollars per person — and the fact that the event was a birthday dinner for an adviser who is also a partner at a lobbying firm.

Newsom told the Los Angeles Times in a statement that he and his wife “should have modeled better behavior and not joined the dinner,” although he maintained that they took safety precautions, including those outlined by the restaurant.

“This was a small, intimate, 12-person dinner held outdoors with family and a few close friends to celebrate a 50th birthday,” a spokesperson for Jason Kinney, the advisor who is also a partner at a lobbying firm, told the Los Angeles Times. “The restaurant was open for normal dining, consistent with state and county health guidance. All of the restaurant safety protocols were adhered to — and the guests followed those protocols.”

This is the man who says Thanksgiving must be outside and no one can sing this year. 

Newsom is not the only liberal hypocrite. Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker is living by the same ‘rules for thee, but not for me’ credo. 

From The Federalist:

Illinois Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker dodged questions Monday about his family plans for the upcoming holiday, claiming he was unaware of Chicago’s latest stay-home orders.

When asked during a press conference whether he’d be in Illinois on Thanksgiving next week, Pritzker left it an open question.

When a reporter followed up on another story about the governor’s wife and family already have gone to Florida, Pritzker dismissed it.

“I think you already know we have a place in Florida. So yeah,” said the Illinois governor whose family also reportedly evaded springtime restrictions by hanging out on his equestrian farms in Wisconsin and the Sunshine state.

Pritzker has all but closed his state. He and his public health enforcers are telling people to cancel Thanksgiving (and probably Christmas too) but he gets his holidays. Sure it’s in Florida where the rules are different, but how many people in Chicago or Carbondale who’ve been put out of work by these liberal coronavirus restrictions can hope on a private plane and fly to where Thanksgiving dinner is not against the law?

America is a country of laws. Everyone is supposed to be equal before the law. Our liberal overlords like to remind us that their coronavirus orders are the law. Then they show us that those laws don’t apply to them. 

And they wonder why good people bristle at even the slightest new restriction on our freedoms. 

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