Antifa and BLM are not going away

The angry Marxists in the streets across America don’t care that Joe Biden has been declared the winner. 

The people who spent the past four years ‘punching Nazi’s in the face’ are not simply going to stop. They proved that over the weekend in Washington D.C. 

The DailyWire has the story. 

"Left-wing extremists identified by journalists as being Black Lives Matter and Antifa violently attacked Trump supporters who were in Washington, D.C., on Saturday at a rally showing their support for President Donald Trump.

Videos posted online showed Trump supporters being sucker punched, kicked, shoved, and having their property stolen from them.

Journalist Andy Ngo tweeted another video showing additional context surrounding the incident, writing: “BLM-antifa thugs are running around and beating people on the streets in DC.” In the video, the man wearing the orange-striped jacket appears to have shoved another man to the ground. In the scuffle that followed, he was surrounded and eventually knocked in the side of the head, causing him to fall to the street, after which his cell phone looks to have been taken."

Many on the Left will say ‘these are Trump supporters. They got what they deserved.”

One, that’s ghoulish. These were families, not thugs looking for a fight. These were people holding a truly peaceful protest. Two, that kind of thinking gives these people cover.

The thugs and criminals simply don’t care. 

And they won’t care when President Trump leaves office. This kind violence has worked for them all year. They figure it will continue to work for them in the future. 

And why has it worked? Because the big newsrooms continue to pretend it didn’t happen. 

From Fox News:

Conservatives criticized members of the media for failing to cover violence against President Trump's supporters at the so-called Million MAGA March in Washington, D.C., on Saturday.

"I want to hear Joe Biden and Kamala Harris condemn Antifa/BLM criminals who assaulted and harassed peaceful demonstrators in DC today, including elderly and families," political strategist Doug Stafford wrote on Twitter on Saturday. "Of course they won’t. And 'media' won’t make them."

"Watching video of people being assaulted and mobbed by BLM/Antifa in DC tonight brings back awful memories. Want an example of media bias? When Rand Paul and I spoke out about our mob assault, the AP reported our claim was 'without evidence' despite 10 minutes of video," Paul's wife Kelley Ashby Paul wrote on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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