It will likely be a tough two years

The new breed of Democrats don’t like lying. At least, not like the old Dems. 

The old Dems would talk about broad policies, about helping America, about loving the country. They’d screw us over in private, but they talked a good game out loud.

The new Democrats simply tell us what they plan to do right away. 

Michael Moore is the latest to expose the power grab that is coming under a Joe Biden presidency. 

The DailyWire has the piece.

“I see various people trying to take credit for your victory — and using their personal agendas to push you away from the progressive Left and toward the cowardly center which believes that the best way to beat Republicans is to just be a more easily-digestible version of Republicans,” Moore wrote in a letter to Biden. “They think because Trump got 70 million votes the Democrats should reject Black Lives Matter, AOC, and anything that vaguely sounds like socialism — at a time when the majority of our citizens under the age of 35, according to most polls, prefer the idea of democratic socialism over the greed of modern-day capitalism. Why risk losing them? We need to listen to and understand why they feel this way.”

"Charge in on January 20th like FDR on steroids. You have no choice. People are dying! You need to sign executive orders and cajole, demand and shame Congress into action,” he wrote. “And GO BIG! Eliminate the Electoral College through the National Popular Vote Act! DONE! Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment for women! Just one more state needed! DONE! Send in the Army Corps of Engineers to Flint to replace the poisoned water pipes! DONE!!”


That’s what voters will be with Democrats if they push this radical change right out of the gate. Americans may not have wanted Donald Trump as president, but they sure as hell didn’t want AOC’s policies. Just look at the Republicans gains everywhere else from Tuesday. 

If Democrats use and abuse their new power, and you know they will, chances are they will be tossed-out on their ears. Look at 1994 and 2018. There’s almost always a backlash. 

Democrats are pushing some pretty radical stuff. It’s one thing to talk about it, to campaign on it, and to promise it. It’s another thing altogether to force it on America. 

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