Liberal smugness is becoming racist

I am a conservative because I trust you. I trust you to live your life, raise your kids, pay your taxes, take care of your responsibilities. I trust you to think for yourself and make (mostly) good decisions.

Liberals claim to be the opposite of conservatives. That means that they don't trust you. They want to live your life. And they don’t want you to think.

Especially if you are black, or brown, or a woman, or gay.

A lot is being made about how traditionally Liberal voting groups voted for Trump. The numbers were not overwhelming, but they were noticeable.

And Juan Williams noticed.

“I am a Black man. I was born in a Latin country. I grew up in a Spanish-speaking family.

So it stuns me to see that President Trump set a record last week by attracting the highest percentage of the non-white vote of any Republican presidential candidate in the last 60 years.

How did 12 percent of Black men, according to the Fox News voter analysis, vote for Trump?

And why would 39 percent of Latino men vote for a man who called Mexican men rapists and enforced harsh anti-immigrant policies?”

Heaven forbid, Juan, that millions of people make up their own minds. Is he suggesting that because Blacks are Black and Latinos are Latino they owe their votes to Democrats? Kinda.

"The only way to explain the ‘bromance’ between men of color and Trump is cultural.

Latin machismo and Black gangsta rap lyrics have long had a fascination with big money, grabbing women, including porn stars, and Trump’s “La Vida Loca” lifestyle.

Many Latinos “like a strongman even when he’s the wrong man,” syndicated columnist Ruben Navarrette wrote last week.

What about Black men?

Just before the election, rapper 50 Cent said Trump’s racial antagonism was a secondary issue: “I don’t care [if] Trump doesn’t like Black people.” The bigger issue, he said, is not wanting to pay higher taxes under Joe Biden.

America’s first Black billionaire, Bob Johnson, also focused on money. He told CNBC that Black people can see that decades of voting for Democrats has led to “minimal return” with regard to “closing the wealth gap, the job creation and job opportunities.”

Wealthy entertainers Kanye West and Ice Cube both spent time with Trump before the election. Another rapper, Lil Pump, got on stage with Trump at a rally.

That led “Saturday Night Live” comedian Michael Che to joke that “Rappers are not Black leaders — they’re just rappers. Stop negotiating with them.”

That’s right. Those Black men didn’t make their money from the government, or China in Lebron James’ case, so they are not legitimate.

Williams isn’t the only one scolding people of color for voting wrong. A number of thinkers, journalists, and politicians are angry that anyone with some extra melanin voted for the president.

Helen Raliegh, who is Asian but not a person of color or a minority according to the Left, writes at The Federalist that there is anger that the traditional Democratic votes are moving away.

“Here is the thought process behind these kinds of comments Only white people vote for Republicans. Since skin color trumps ethnicity, of course, light-skinned minorities would vote for a Republican candidate because of their “whiteness.” They shouldn’t be counted as minority voters at all.

This thought process is deeply flawed. Dividing the Latino community by skin color is possibly the most racist thing to do. Latino voters are unique, both as individuals and based on their diverse Latin American countries of origin, but it’s wrong to use colorism to explain Latino voters’ behaviors. Regardless of skin color, many Latino immigrants have suffered or watched their families suffer under socialist policies in their home countries. Many came to America to escape socialism, so naturally, they will not vote for Democrats, whose party enthusiastically embraces it.

Further, claiming skin color drives a voter’s behavior is an insult to minority voters’ intelligence.”

There are lots or reasons for anyone to vote for President Trump, record high employment levels in Black and Latino communities is just one of them.

The other is that we are told to treat all people equally. That’s what conservatism does. It treats people as individuals, and gives people individual opportunities. Liberalism simply doesn’t. They want to decide. They want the power. And they want you to vote how you’re told.

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