What is Joe's mandate?

Joe Biden claims that the people have given him a clear mandate. The only thing that is clear is that millions of Americans don't want Donald Trump to be the next president. That is a far cry from endorsing Biden and whatever policies he promised during his basement campaign.

From The National Review

"Biden is gamely trying to pretend that he has won a mandate for the policy agenda he occasionally mentioned during his campaign. That mandate does not exist, and Republicans have every reason to seek to stop that agenda from being enacted. That work should begin with an effort to reelect Republican senators in Georgia. A Republican Senate is a prerequisite both for blocking left-wing policy mistakes and for protecting some of the important policy achievements of the Trump presidency, such as a pro-growth and pro-family tax reform"

Freddy Gray at The Spectator

"People said that Biden would be too old and senile to beat the political weather system that is Donald J. Trump. He has proved them wrong — just. He has been called a Democratic fossil, demented, his campaign a ‘zombie effort.’ Yet it turns out, in this morbid year of disease and crisis, a zombie candidate is exactly what the majority of Americans wanted.

Biden’s whole candidacy was numbingly negative. He ran a campaign that didn’t actually campaign. The strategy was obvious: withdraw from the public eye and turn the election into a referendum on Trump, who, though loved by fans, has never been popular with the American electorate as a whole. It was brilliant in its way: the President’s nuclear ego means he can’t help but grab everyone’s attention all the time. And a lot of people really don’t like having to see Donald Trump everywhere they look.

Biden’s campaign literature promises a lot more: he’ll throw several more trillion at the pandemic and roll out a massive test and trace scheme across America (good luck); he’ll splurge perhaps even more on a Green New Deal to reach zero emissions by 2050; he’ll provide a ‘public option’ to expand government healthcare; he’ll give Washington, DC statehood and expand educational opportunities for young Americans."

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