Plain and simple, the Democrats had a really bad night

Jay Weber Show transcript 11/5/20 6:05 am

My friends...the east coast glitterati is still flummoxed as to why they could have gotten the polls and the prediction of a blue tsunami so wrong-

And then you step back...a day later and look at what actually occurred in the election of 2020-what you find is that the Democrats had a really bad night.


Regardless of how this presidential race turns out- they had a terrible night. And I’m dedicating part of the show to it, today, because it’s a good illustration of what Biden wins.

The Dems were expecting to have a big year given that it was republicans who had more questionable seats to defend. The DC and NY crowds, it turns out, had really- really- talked themselves into the idea that they were going to take back the senate and make gains in the house and ram thru a progressive agenda.

Folks-look around. The Democrats are acting like they have suffered a huge, stunning loss, this matter how the presidential race turns out.


They genuinely had themselves believing-inside of that east coast bubble that a blue tsunami was coming...because they were believing their own juiced up polls and their own echo chamber.

We, in the heartland here, had a much better handle on how this was likely to play out.

And you will be surprised, heartened, and amazed at some of the things i am about to tell you.

If you haven’t heard yet: Donald Trump got about 4 million more votes in 2020 than he did in 2016 so in terms of growing his base, he did. And then you look at-where- he grew his base-and it explains why the ‘smart set’ got it so wrong.

More Americans voted for Donald Trump this year than in 2016

Hillary Clinton really was a terrible candidate for the Dems -away from the coasts- in 2016 and Joe Biden did 3-million votes better than she did but they fell in the right places....

And so even though Trump grew the GOP vote by four million and Biden only grew the Dem vote by was a more competitive finish.

Some other data points: I talked about how-if Donald trump was going to lose this it was going to be because predominantly white older voters and suburbanites would turn against him. And they are a big enough demo that even increases in the black and Hispanic votes wouldn’t be enough to deliver trump the win..

Well- how prescient that turned out to be. It seems to be exactly what turns out President Trump won the largest share of the non-white vote of any republican in 60 years.

Preliminary data shows Trump wins highest share of nonwhite vote for GOP in 60 years

So he did grow his Black and Hispanic vote. He just saw wider erosion in the suburbs and among older voters...probably alarmed over covid-19 and buying Joe Biden’s nuclear winter alarmism.

And by the way-this is a huge lesson to all future republicans: Donald Trump grew the Black and Latino votes significantly-because he went out and actually asked them for their vote. He engaged with those voters in those demos instead of conceding them to the democrats. And with the changing face of America-any future republican wins nationally are going to require. Require. A larger chunk of this Black and Latino vote. Republicans and conservatives need to actively engage those communities, convince them of the rightness of our ideas, and win more of them over.

Blexit and Donald Trump have started the process. We need to continue it.

Next: Donald trump got a higher evangelical and religious voter turnout than ever before, it seems.

Then why are so many of our pastors preaching lefty political crap from the pulpit? It’s harder and harder to be a conservative catholic these days....if you aren’t catholic and you are unaware of that fact...

Now-get this-even though trump got a massive chunk of the religious vote he also doubled his share of Gay voters. He’s got more gays and lesbians in the GOP camp....and if we are smart...we will keep it that way...and acknowledge and nurture that demo, too.

And to be clear: you don’t have to give into the radical Gay and Lesbian agenda to do that. There are a large number of Gays and Lesbians who vote primarily on fiscal and small Govt. and freedom issues...we can capture more of them by not insulting them over their sexual orientation and driving them out of the party.

#WalkAway Founder Brandon Straka: Hillary got my vote in 2016, here’s why I'm voting for Trump in 2020

The bottom line here: the Democrats putrid ‘identity politics’ and relentless claims of racism and sexism...hit a wall here. They went way overboard with that stuff...and the country rebelled.

This was-not- a good night for Democrats even if they end up winning the White House.

The east coast Dems are-really down-in-the-mouth, folks. You’d be surprised at how bluesy they are

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