It's time to count the votes

Counting all of the votes will be difficult. Even counting just the legitimate votes will be tough.

We are in the phase where voting doesn’t matter anymore. Counting is all that matters.

Democrats consistently say to count all of the votes. They mean to keep counting until Joe Biden wins.

But we are assuming that the vote counts are correct to begin with. Remember, this is the government we’re talking about. I am not offering a tin foil hat conspiracy theory. I am offering a reminder that the same people who run the DMV and the Post Office are in charge of elections. Mistakes and incompetence happen.

Look to a small, red county in Michigan. RedState has the story.

"Antrim County is a big red area which went heavily for President Donald Trump in 2016. But you wouldn’t know it according to the tabulations being put out last night, which claimed that Democrats had taken the county and by quite a bit. The clerk is admitting that the results appear to be “skewed” that the very red area is still red, but somehow the votes seem to have been transposed, giving thousands of Trump votes to Joe Biden."

A reporter in Lansing wrote on Twitter last night “I just spoke to the Antrim clerk's office. They are reviewing these numbers, said there are discrepancies. It certainly seems likely the numbers were transposed . Trump and John James will see a ~6,000+ vote gain statewide once this is corrected. This is a staunchly GOP county.”

It is understandable that numbers get flipped. I write for a living, I certainly have transposed a few fives and twos. But this is for all the marbles. This is the one time that the numbers have to be right.

Same thing in Wisconsin. It looks like the state is headed for a recount. Joe Biden is ahead by over 20,000 votes. There was a lone holdout yesterday in the Town of Willow, but there are not enough votes there to swing the outcome.

There are a lot of people complaining that 100,000 votes just ‘appeared’ in Milwaukee. Meagan Wolfe with the Wisconsin Election Commission said she’s not afraid of people checking her math.

“There are no dark corners or locked doors in elections,” Wolfe said. “Anybody was free to watch those processes as they unfolded yesterday. Some of those jurisdictions even did things like livestreams. You could watch ballots being counted all day if you wanted to and all night.”

That is true. There are and can be questions about who voted, remember those 200,000 people who should have been scrubbed? And what about the mass mailing of ballots? But I do not think that anyone snuck 100,000 votes into Milwaukee after midnight to swing the state.

This is going to repeat itself in state after state after state. Pennsylvania is looking to be its own monster as well.

All of this points to a mess that is only going to get worse. This week, this year, and into the future.

We expect is to be able to trust the electoral process. We may not agree with it. But we have to trust it. I hope we can all do that once this election is said and done.

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