Violence rarely ends without more violence

How many times to we need to learn this lesson?

Violence has a tendency to get out of hand quickly,. and it often takes more violence to get things under control.

America is on the edge of a violent explosion in our streets. The Antifa thugs, socialists, anarchists, and outright criminals who hijacked May's peaceful protests are ratcheting-up the violence. What started with fistfights moved to throwing things at police and is now moved toward shootings.

Last weekend saw an angry man in the street shot and killed in Austin, Texas because police say he pointed his rifle at a driver who turned-out to have a gun. In Colorado, a 'peaceful protester' was caught on camera firing several shots at a Jeep that had driven through (not maliciously) a crowd of people in the streets.

Most conservatives know about the chaos in Portland.

But he's the thing. Most of America does not. The big newsrooms have gas-lighted America into believing that these crowds are full of moms and suburban kids who simply want police reform. That charade won't be able to keep-up if bodies start to pile-up. And they could.

We shouldn't have to wait for more tragedy. We shouldn't have to wait for a police officer or federal law enforcer to die. We shouldn't have to wait for police or law abiding citizens to be put in a 'me or them' situation to wake up and see what is really going on in our streets.

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