Come on, is mandatory masking reasonable?

Jay Weber Show transcript 8:08 7/8/20

So...Dane county is now mandating facemasks be worn-anywhere outside of your home-and the city of Milwaukee is considering a similar mask requirement by the city council.

In Dane county-countywide- not just in Madison

They are mandating a mask be worn inside-any-structure- other than your own home or living unit.

They clearly didn’t ask about protesting but even kids over the age of two-need their masks on-at all times- if they are outside the house and in a different building. Or with other people or children.

Does this seem reasonable to you?

I know the overall number of cases are rising in about 30 states now...and I know that several big cities are seeing hospitalization rates rise at least...a new level of concern... mandatory masking...reasonable? Do you support the measure?

Why not leave it up to the individual business owner or building owner?

Marina Dimetrevich is now a Milwaukee alderman...and she is the author of the city of Milwaukee’s proposal...and she is claiming ‘all sorts of support’ for’s wanted by the people...she’s insisting.

Is it? What percentage of people?

Is this serving a small but vocal sliver of society which is what i suspect is the case? Or is the desire to make everyone require masks far stronger than I know? Or am willing to admit?

I know several listeners believe that it is me and my listeners who are out of step on this one.One long-time friend of mine says:not wearing the mask may be the reason trump loses in fall.

The guy refuses to show any care or compassion for other people and his not wearing the mask is a physical symbol of that.

Okay. It’s a theory and it might turn out to be right...if we have a flood of suburban moms in heartland America who see it that way.

But- in my suburban and x-urban circles- I am sensing no concern- much less alarm-over a lack of masks.

Milwaukee’s would only affect the city of Milwaukee unless the county board or health commissioner followed up and expanded it but it’s similar to Dane County’s with one twist.

The alleged spread zone on covid-19 is about six feet. Some experts claim it’s as much as 12 but if you don’t want to wear a mask outside-you need to stay 30 feet away from people?

That’s nuts.

Two joggers passing each other would have to have one of them cross the street to comply with this...

Is 30 feet reasonable?

Which means it won’t really be enforced on individuals. That’s how I’m reading this.

But I will remind you again that mask laws like this are unconstitutional.

A govt. body would have the right to put a mask order on you-if you were a known carrier of something band on an individual basis but it is a major breach of our individual freedoms to have -any-govt. entity-

Even a health dept.- require allcitizens to wear something as a precaution.

What if our new socialist overlords...a few years from now when they take over...mandate that every American needs to wear a grey uniform and only clothes with the overlord logo on the interest of public health?

Is that a violation of the constitution?

Of course it would be.

But they’d be claiming a health it cool?

Heck-there might even be a genuine health benefit-as in- if you don’t wear grey clothing with the overlord’s will be beaten in the it’s in your best-healthy-interests-to comply...

Is that reasonable?

Oh Jay, it’s not the same....

Isn’t it?

‘Come on jay...Americans know what’s reasonable and what isn’t’.

Yep most do, but the constitution wasn’t written- and didn’t guarantee specific protections...becausehistory shows us human beings are so reasonable.

It protects us against tyranny...and tyrannical moves like: forcing all ‘subjects’ to comply with dress codes or other government orders that take away your personal freedoms on a ‘promise’ that this iswhat’s good for you.

Just as most of us would reject the notion that wearing grey clothing was somehow a health issue-we have a sizable number of people in this country who believe the mask-wearing is bologna.

Bad science.

Are they right or wrong?

Our health experts would suggest they are wrong-but as Americans-do they have a right not to be-forced -into compliance?

Yes, they do.

These mask orders are unconstitutional and most of the lawmakers passing them likely know it. They just hope that-for the good of society- most of you will comply.

And most people will, sure. Now that it’s an official order.

But- why is there a need for the laws in the first place?Govt’s were already asking us to wear our masks and comply.Correct?Hollywood stars and famous athletes were even commissioned to shame us...wear your mask.

So why the need for a law?

Ooh...ooh....see...because not enough of us were complying.

Our overlords had already asked nicely...and many of you thought you had freedom of choice or individual freedoms...and chose not to comply.

So now- our overlords are going to insist.

Do you still not see the lesson related to tyranny and individual freedoms here?

Even if- obviously- wearing a mask isn’t that big a deal?

And I’m not telling people not to comply. I am saying- I understand if you don’t and i think a blanket govt. order is ridiculous-and that these elected officials know they are overstepping their authority.

But they are doing it anyway-and that is irksome to me.

Put it this way: these mayors and county leaders are either overstepping their authority-and know it-or-they never even cared enough about your rights-and their limits as leaders- to check.

If they’d checked. They would know that they cannot legally do this blanket fashion.

So did they know and not care?

Or did they not care enough about your individual rights-to even check?

It’s one or the other.

That’s the only point i’m making here-and it is an important one even if the actual wearing of the mask isn’t that big a deal.

And everyone can make their own choice.

I don’t get into the city of Milwaukee much to recreate, anyway, but this order is personally irksome enough to me that while it’s in place, I won’t be dining or recreating within the city limits.

If they expand it county-wide- i can easily retreat back to Washington and Waukesha County...and spend my dollars and my free time there.

And if we start to get into statewide or federal bans-there absolutely will be lawsuits that will slap back this local and state officials. some are already underway in other states.

Story and photo credit from Fox 6 Now: Proposed mask mandate with ’30-foot rule’ requires coverings for everyone over age 2


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