So my Church got robbed this weekend.

Posted on my church's Facebook page Sunday: Whitnall Park Lutheran Church, ELCA

These people came to Whitnall Park Lutheran Church this morning, rifled through a members coat and stole his phone and car keys. Then proceeded to steal his car from our lot during our worship service.

I posted this yesterday: This happened this morning at my church. Let's make them famous. DIRTBAGS!!!!

Later in the day the Church posted:

Members and friends of WPLC, I greatly appreciate your comments of care and concern around our earlier situation where a member had his car stolen by people who we embraced and welcomed into our church. Saying that it was an unfortunate situation does not begin scratch the surface of how I feel about it.

However we feel, we continue to place our trust in God and seek His grace and consolation at this time. Looking at things in this light, there are two certainties that cometo that we won't do...and one that we will do. First, we won't let the evil actions of a few cause us to dwell in fear! God watches over us and His strength overpowers the nonsense we experienced today. Strength and courage will be our response!

Second, even though WPLC is a safe place, and we have been careful in our security practices, we will IMMEDIATELY begin to look at ways of preventing this kind of thing from happening again. Know this...God watches over us, and our church family is watching out for one another...together we remain strong and secure as the Body of Christ!

The complete story from here > Three people stole a car from a Hales Corners church parking lot during a worship service, police say

Jay, Ben and I talked about it this morning

Talk about Church being robbed in Hales Corners

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