Duey Stroebel has a point

Gov. Tony Evers says taxpayers in Wisconsin support both higher taxes and more spending.

He points to a flood of local tax increases for schools as his evidence. And a new report from the Wisconsin Policy Forum says those local tax hikes have pushed local property taxes to their highest point in a decade.

Republican state Senator Duey Strobel says yes, but.

Stroebel says taxes were flat or went down during the eight years of Scott Walker's time as governor. He also says the Wisconsin legislature back-filled about $4.5 billion for local schools and local governments. So he doesn't think most people in Wisconsin know the true price tag of what they are paying for, and what they are getting from all of those local tax increases.

And Stroebel said, perhaps, it is time to show taxpayers those costs.

He wants to test Gov. Evers' theory that taxpayers really do support all those taxes and all of that spending.

Photo Credit: Wisconsin Senate

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