The left, TDS, and Iran

If it were only as simple as a policy difference.

It would be one thing if Democrats and the American left disagree with President Trump on trade, or environmental regulations, or taxes. Policy differences are understandable.

But the opposition to President Trump, what has morphed into Trump Derangement Syndrome, is about blind hatred. The hate the president because of who he is, not what he's done in office.

The 'resistance' is as much about the Access Hollywood comments than anything else.

The end result, however, is something else.

The hatred of President Trump now has the America left cheering for and apologizing to Iran.

Twitter is a blaze with hot takes that blame the U.S. for an 'assassination,' an 'illegal war,' and 'imperialism.'

Iran is the same country that regularly chants Death to America. But because of TDS, they are now seen as the victim.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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