Al Sharpton is right, and 2020 Democrats will likely get it wrong

The Democrats running for president all agree on a couple of things.

One, they all hate Donald Trump. Two, they all support abortion without question. And three, the Democratic field for 2020 are all over the place on the economy, gender, and the latest outrage that Twitter has produced.

But where are they on the economy? Or jobs? Or education?

Al Sharpton was on MSNBC last week, he warned that Democrats need to focus on 'kitchen table' issues.

He's right.

But where are Democrats on those issues? The Democratic plan for healthcare would be to kick millions of Americans off their health insurance.

Mayor Pete is out there saying he wants to make meth and crack legal, or at least decriminalized.

Those are the kitchen table issues that will connect with voters in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan?

The Democrats tried to run a campaign in 2016 that was popular with the Twitter mob, popular in Brooklyn and San Francisco. And how'd that work out for them?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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