What is Gov. Evers' goal with Foxconn?

Do not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

That is the cliche that you hear in the halls of every state capitol across the country.

The idea is to stop lawmakers or policy makers from constantly holding-out for more, and in the end getting nothing.

We have to question what Gov. Tony Evers is holding-out for in his latest opposition to Foxconn. The governor's administration last month sent a letter to Foxconn declaring that the company is no longer eligible for as much as $3 billion in tax breaks. The thinking is Foxconn's decision to move ahead with a smaller facility negates the original deal.

This is not the first time the Evers has opposed Foxconn. He questioned the deal during the election, he questioned the environmental impact, and he questioned if Foxconn will ever hire 13,000 jobs.

To what end? Does he want Foxconn to leave? Does he not want any jobs?

Is it not better for Wisconsin to get 10,000 jobs and pay less in taxpayer incentives?

All of the Foxconn incentives are tied to jobs, so if they do not hire enough people they will not get their payday. Does the governor think he can get a better arrangement?

We get it, Gov. Evers doesn't like Foxconn. But not liking Foxconn's deal and actually killing are, and should be, two different things.

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